Thread basting for Hand Needle Turned Applique


Darlene Christopherson shows us how to thread baste for hand needle turned applique.

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Eleanor Masters

I have watched other videos showing basting the pattern and this video would be very confusing to someone who was trying to learn. Where is the line that can be drawn on the piece and then you baste on that line? She doesn’t do that but only says go in 1/8th of an inch – who wants to guess what that is?

amanda vecera

I love the tutorials that you offer. They are very helpful and informative. And the best part is there free. thank you so much!!!!

Shirley Gilmore

If anyone is going to learn to quilt or applique, they should first learn how big an 1/8th or 1/4 inch is. These measurements are very important. I teach this to my beginning quilter’s. I also teach needle-turn applique and think that this video was very well done.