The Wide World of Quilting – Where You Pick the Winner!


Welcome to the Wide World of Quilting! Entries have come from all over the world for 2017 AQS QuiltWeek – Fall Paducah (Where you get to vote for Best of Show!) 

Take a look and see where all the quilts are from…

Click the map to enlarge.

Australia flag

Australia: 5

Brazil: 2

Brazil: 2

Canada: 9

Canada: 9

Germany flag

Germany: 4

India flag

India: 1

Italy: 1

Japan flag

Japan: 16

Netherlands flag

Netherlands: 5

New Zealand flag

New Zealand: 1

Poland flag

Poland: 2

South Korea flag

South Korea: 5

Spain flag

Spain: 1

Switzerland flag

Switzerland: 2

Taiwan flag

Taiwan: 2

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