The Quilt Matching Game: Brought to you by AQS QuiltWeek – Daytona Beach 2018!


Below are quilts from the AQS QuiltWeek – Daytona Beach 2018 contest. See if you can match the quilters to their quilts. Each row contains two quilts and two quilters’ descriptions. The descriptions match the quilts in their row.

  1. I was a florist.

2. I played the tuba.

Quilt A

Quilt B

3. I worked in a wig shop.

4. I always sew barefoot.

Quilt C

Quilt D

5. I am a retired Foreign Language Teacher.

6. I work as a graphic designer.

Quilt E

Quilt F

7. I used to race off-road vehicles.

8. I am known as the Laguna Beach local historian.

Quilt G

Quilt H

9. I am a retired Immunologist.

10. I enjoy ice skating.

Quilt I

Quilt J

11. I love jazz.

12. I grew up on a dairy farm.

Quilt K

Quilt L

13. I have a wacky sense of humor with no impulse control.

14. I failed Home Economics in high school because I insisted on doing things the way my grandfather taught me.

Quilt M

Quilt N

Check your answers:

  • A2
  • B1
  • C3
  • D4
  • E6
  • F5
  • G7
  • H8
  • I9
  • J10
  • K12
  • L11
  • M13
  • N14


Tell us how many you guessed right in the comments below.


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I guessed 10 correctly ?


I got 10 correct. I was surprised by the ones I missed. But my quilts do not always show my other traits. I guess quilting is an additional facet of me that is on the other end of my spectrum. Being born under the Gemini sign must really be a thing.


I guessed 12 correctly.

I got 4 correct. The first time I didn’t write answers – I sped through and got more correct. The second time I gave it thought and missed lots. Intuition rules.

I got only 8 right. I can’t wait to go back and enjoy the surprises!


I got 10 right. Having been a florist i guessed A-1, but can see the correct one being a color wheel of sorts used by floral designers! Also the order it takes to handle holiday chaos in the shop!


I got 12 correct!


10 right that was fun


I got 12 right and was wrong thinking a language teacher would like bright colors.