The Original Bargello


Bargello chairBargello is a quilting term that reflects the same stepped-design motif as original Italian Bargello needlepoint embroidery. An early example of this work is found in a series of needlepoint-cushioned chairs that were found in the Bargello Palace in Florence, Italy. These chairs display a traditional curved Bargello design. The museum identifies them as “17th century with backs and seats done in punto unghero (Hungarian Point).”

And here they are!

AQS staff member Jeff Beck recently visited Italy and enjoyed many incredible sights including the Bargello Museum (also known as the Bargello Palace) in Florence.

These well-worn chairs from the 1600s are displayed at the museum. A proper tourist (and one who recognized that we might be interested), Jeff took photos—we thought you’d like to see them!

Bargello 3 chairs

Bargello MuseumA little more about the Bargello Museum…

Construction on the Bargello Palace began in 1255. It is the oldest public building in Florence. It opened as a national museum (Museo Nazionale del Bargello) in 1865, and houses masterpieces by Michelangelo (Bacchus and Pitti Tondo), Donatello (David), Jacopo Sansovino (Bacchus), Cellini, and many works from the Della Robbia Family, to name a few.

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Dawn Mason

How beautiful to see those chairs still so vibrant after 500 odd years of sunlight & bottoms.would love to read more history on the actual bargello pattern though.


Please, what is the correct pronunciation of the word, bargello..Is it like jello or what? thank you


Thanks for this info and the correct pronunciation. I have made four bargello quilts. Love the effect and also the challange