The More Things Change


I came across  a quote last week that made me chuckle and really proves that old saying “the more things change, the more they remain the same.” It is from a quiltmaker bemoaning the fact that quilting was becoming a lost craft.

“Women in the offices, they say, are usurping man’s work, but it is just as true that men with their factories are supplanting the necessity of woman’s remaining in the home. In fact, wholly discounting her own desires in the matter, it is rapidly being made economically impossible for the housewife to compete in her kitchen or at her sewing machine with the great wholesale canneries, bakeries and garment-factories that have flooded the markets with finished products cheaper than the retail cost of raw materials.”

“Woman has been blamed for deserting work that in many cases was taken from her. Fairer would it be to recognize that there are economic reasons, quite as compelling as feminine restlessness, for the dust that has gathered on quilting frames and the rust that has dulled the bread pans.”

When do you think this was written? I will tell you next week when and where the quote came from.  It may surprise you!

Have fun!

Suzan @ AQS

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This must have been written somewhere round – or even before! – 1900 I guess.
Why? Breadpans have not been in regular use since then…. at least not over here, in the Netherlands.
Yes, I am curious if I am close enough =^}

What comes around, goes around. I think this was written at he turn of the century (1900 I mean!). Given todays economic, environmental issues, and family probelms, we might have to scale down. What an advantage we’ll have if we do, given the knowledge we have gathered from experiencing the impacts our civilization has had by being so “upwardly mobile”.