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Cheryl Arkinson and Amanda Jean Nyberg are one of the perfect combos we feature in the February TQL. The modern quilters met online, and they didn’t actually meet in person until after they’d written a book together. And without ever being in the same room (or the same city, or even the same country), they designed and made a modern quilt especially for you, our TQL readers. It’s called “Paint Chips,” and if you’ve spent any time at the paint store you’ll understand why! Even if you haven’t, I think you’ll want to make this quilt. It really fits the duo’s definition of modern: a simple yet energetic design.

I enjoyed getting a chance to chat (via email, of course) with Amanda Jean and Cheryl. I wanted to know more about these two young moms who live the modern quilt life. They told me what excites them about the modern quilt movement.

“The online element of modern quilting is astounding. I’ve met people via blogging from all over the world that I never would have crossed paths with otherwise,” Amanda Jean wrote. “It’s truly amazing.”

Cheryl surprised me by saying she’s excited about both the possibilities as well as the tie to tradition. “You can’t have modern quilting without acknowledging the influence and inspiration of traditional techniques and design,” she wrote. “While I still firmly believe in good technique, I love that a new generation of enthusiastic quilters are challenging the aesthetic and conventions of traditional quiltmaking. So much of what is considered modern quilting, I think, is a throwback, intentional or not, to traditional quilting. But new interpretations bring new excitement to the craft.”

Amanda Jean added, “It’s exciting for me to see a younger set of quilters emerging and carrying on the craft.” I couldn’t agree more…Jan Magee, The Quilt Life

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In this newsletter you show the quilt Paint Chips and say that it was made especially for us. It makes it sound like there is a pattern available…Is there a pattern? Thanks

Ramona, You can find the instructions for making PAINT CHIPS starting on page 64 of the February 2013 issue of The Quilt Life magazine. Sylvia Thomas, AQS Office Admnistrator