The man who kept a quilt for 70 years.


After World War II, thousands of families were sent packages of food from strangers in the U.S. Nine-year-old Joseph Briddock and his family were given something unexpected. He still remembers the moment it was opened. Their CARE box held something unexpected and overwhelming.

Briddock quiltPhoto from

Enjoy this moving article, written by Camila Ruz for BBC News Magazine, about Joseph Briddock and the family quilt he and his family kept safe for seven decades.

Click HERE to read the online article dated October 17, 2015, from

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Dana Allison

Many recollections of the horrors of WW II abound within my memory bank. Very vivid are memories of how my family helped to send food, clothing, whatever we believed someone in Europe could use after the war was over as more and more stories of the ordeals the Europeans faced came to us. In 1952 I was on a train going from Paris to Amsterdam. Once the compartment mates discovered that I was an American they profusely thanked me for The Marshall Plan, and for all the massive amounts of needed items people sent to them. Trying to explain that… Read more »

Robin Peters

Such a moving story. And to think what one quilt did for his family.