The Inspirational Quilts of Kathryn Bates


Visit Kathryn (Kathey) Bates’ home page on, and you’ll find a quilter from the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State who has shared quilt love in many places around the country and around the world. She has also donated 19 quilts for Quilts of Valor!

Here’s a lovely quilt made using African batiks made in Mali and sold through Fabrics of Life, a charity that helps women who are begging in the streets for the financial means to start their own businesses.

Kathey is a U.S. Navy veteran. She learned to English paper piece from her grandmother at the age of ten, but didn’t catch the quilting bug until she retired from the U.S. Navy. She took a beginner’s class in 1995, and has now made over 150 quilts!

Kathey loves her Brother Quattro embroidery machine; you’ll see some of her spectacular embroidery on her quilts.

Here’s a fun small quilt made for a first- or second-grader in Moore, Oklahoma, as part of the “Scoops of Love” project…

…and, above, a beautifully embroidered quilt that was made for a small community library.

This quilt was made by members of Kathey’s Naples, Italy, quilt guild in 2007. She made the block in the top center, and then sent it around with some of the rose print fabric. As it made the rounds, each member of the guild used a bit of Kathey’s fabric plus their own to create a block. Note the small blocks in the borders, which are their “signature” blocks! The blocks were passed around in pizza boxes, hence the quilt name “My Pizza Box.” Each member of the guild followed the same process, and at the end of the year, each had enough blocks for a small quilt. Take this idea to your guild!

Her interest in Quilts of Valor began 18 months ago. (Note the 19 quilts in 18 months! Go, Kathey!) She says, “They mean something special to me, as a Navy vet who understands what a hug from home can mean.”

Watch this slideshow of Kathey’s Quilts of Valor:

Find more photos like this on My Quilt Place 

Thank you, Kathey, for sharing your beautiful quilts and the love that you put into them on MyQuiltPlace.

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