The Gala of the Unexpected Quilt Contest


25thAnniversaryGalaTNQMHistorically, quilts had a cloth top and back, some form of batting in the middle, and were stitched together with thread. But what actually is a quilt? At its most basic, it is three layers held together by some means. The layers may be of plastic or metal; the batting can be Styrofoam. There really is no limit to what makes up a quilt as long as the above basic structure is adhered to.

For the past 25 years, The National Quilt Museum has been a venue for the world to see quilting at its finest and most innovative. To celebrate these 25 years and herald the future of the art, quilters around the world are invited to enter quilts that showcase their most innovative use of materials and technique in our 25th Anniversary contest, The Gala of the Unexpected. Coordinated by The National Quilt Museum, this competition is open to quilts that are innovative interpretations of their maker’s worlds.

This competition gives quilters an excellent opportunity to share their work with people across the country. The 25 quilts selected as finalists will make up a traveling exhibition. An exhibit catalog will feature color photos of the quilts and will be available when the exhibit opens at The National Quilt Museum and travels to other venues. The top three pieces will receive cash awards.

Click HERE to view the contest pamphlet in its entirety, complete with rules, dates, and other entry information.
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