The 2013 Dancing Ribbons Challenge


We were happy to hear from Barbara Zeger, Co-President of Centre Pieces Quilt Guild. She sent this letter:

“Our guild, Centre Pieces Quilt guild, is located in State College, Pennsylvania. We are an active guild with a diverse membership whose quilting preferences run the gamut from traditional to modern.

dancingribbonslargeWe needed a central block for our 2013 challenge quilt that could be used by all those participating without regard to their style preference. Cindy Richards’ “Dancing Ribbons” fit the bill and provided the perfect starting point for our challenge. The quilts grew beautifully over the next six months. Every one was unique. It amazed everyone that the same set of rules could produce such beautifully different results.

Our monthly show and tell became a much-anticipated part of our meetings. We photographed the process and have included many of the pictures for you to see.

We would like to thank you and Cindy Richards for providing inspiration as well as patterns that allow us to create and grow as a guild.”

What a fun experience for the guild, and we love hearing that a pattern provided through OnPoint was such a success!

Here’s the pattern that Barbara is talking about: Dancing Ribbons

And following are just a few of the MANY photos that Barbara sent along with the letter! Thanks, Centre Pieces, for sharing your hard work and beautiful interpretations of Dancing Ribbons with us.

This makes us feel like…dancing!

1 Two DRon navy2 Two DRgoldabstractsunny rainbow geesegreennavytanbrightpink corners

photo-5 (2)



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WOW!!!!!!!!!! How pretty they all are!

Maria Rakaska

thank you, thank you for sharing the exquisite quilts
they are a delight to the eye and the heart of a quilter
and thank you for the pattern

As the Contributing Editor that found this pattern for publication in American Quilter, I’m always SO thrilled when I see it made by others. I’ve seen a number of “Dancing Ribbons” in various quilt shows over the years. Continue to believe it is an awesome pattern and it remains on my personal “to do” list. Thanks for this great share!