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Last week we asked you to tell us when you thought the following quotation about the demise of quilting was written:

“Women in the offices, they say, are usurping man’s work, but it is just as true that men with their factories are supplanting the necessity of woman’s remaining in the home. In fact, wholly discounting her own desires in the matter, it is rapidly being made economically impossible for the housewife to compete in her kitchen or at her sewing machine with the great wholesale canneries, bakeries and garment-factories that have flooded the markets with finished products cheaper than the retail cost of raw materials.”

“Woman has been blamed for deserting work that in many cases was taken from her. Fairer would it be to recognize that there are economic reasons, quite as compelling as feminine restlessness, for the dust that has gathered on quilting frames and the rust that has dulled the bread pans.”

The answer is…..

The year of the quotation was 1929. It is from Ruth E. Finley and can be found in the book Old Patchwork Quilts and The Women Who Made Them. This book was originally printed in 1929 and was reprinted in 1992. Unfortunately, both editions are out-of-print.  If you can find a copy, it makes wonderful reading for anyone interested in the history of quilting. It’s also fascinating to learn about the day-to-day lives of the quiltmakers who paved the way for us. I found the similarities in our lives even more striking than the differences.

Suzan @AQS

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