As we get ready to kick off our next big project, we invite you along for an incredible journey! Recently we asked you about your quilting experiences, your inspirations, and your aspirations. Your answers created a whirl wind of creativity. You are such an inspiring bunch! As a result, we’d like to share a very special project with you.

To get things started, there is some work to do. Much like gathering your supplies for a new project, this adventure requires you to gather information and ideas about yourself and your quilting journey. This information is for your personal use during this project.

Please print out the worksheet below and use it to create a journal of sorts about your quilting story. This exercise will get you in the mood for what’s to come, but more importantly it will give you a wealth of ideas to work from in the weeks ahead.

Not only is this a teaser, its homework! Let’s get started…

Download your My Quilt Story Worksheet 

Tell Your Quilt Story. Visit each post and create your story in stitches.

Revisit Your First Block

Making Monuments

Create a Town of Memories

Plant a Garden

Show off Your Techniques

Include Your Favorite Memorabilia

Wear Your Heart on Your Quilt

Make an Original Memory Collage of Fabrics You Love

Rescue Forsaken & Forgotten Blocks

Record Your Color History

Map Your Neighborhood with Stitches

Count Your Quilts…Button by Button

Add Your Family Tree

Fill the Gaps

Journal Your Journey with Embellishments

Sew your Mechanical Sewing Companion

Make Your Memories Your Quilt

Enjoy the journey!

– Betsey


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Barbara Conquest

Looks interesting

Martha Abstein

I like the beginning and hope that it stays interesting.


Do we have to write it out on the worksheet? Or can this be typed out independently? My handwriting leaves much to be desired…..

Lou Joi

Love these sheets