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Do you LOVE Block of the Month quilt projects? Please take a few minutes and share your thoughts about Block of the Months with us.

What is a Block of the Month? A Block of the Month is a quilt project that offers one block each month to complete. At the end of the project the instructions are given to put the quilt together.



If not displaying properly, please click here to take the survey.

Thank you for participating. We will share the results Wednesday, January 11, 2017. Be sure to check back next week!

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Survey is NOT tablet friendly. Questions were only partially displayed


I don’t participate in BOMs primarily because I prefer to choose my own colors and fabrics. Otherwise it’s very similar to paint by numbers. Useful perhaps for learning, but not something I’d care to display or use. And they are usually far more expensive than the basic materials and instructions warrant.

sophie lallemand

a BOM is good for people who have no ideas but I think it’s a difficult work when you don’t know where you are going if you have the fabrics( a commercial product) or if you haven’t and in this case it will have a hawfull result and never finish it or put it in a drawer and never open it…..

Love BOM makes it easier to put the blocks together. BOM is like putting a Mystery quilt together difference being you know what the quilt will look like in the beginning instead of waiting to the end


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I am a beginning quilter & am 4 blocks into my 1st BOM. DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS are crucial to me.

Diann Selke

Love BOM I work a full time job and am a care giver. Working on quilts is my therapy and I can easily work on 3 to 5 projects at a time knowing that I can actually finish the projects with success. Its easy to organize my time whether I am watching TV in the evening or hand work when I am at doctors and hospital visits and appointment’s or just spending a few hours in my sewing room.. BOM projects takes the stress out of my life and feeds my soul.


I like knowing the look of the total project before I start so I can check my fabric collection for colors and styles for the project. I like good instructions and new learning, a combination of appliqué, piecing, etc. I also like the challenge of adding a variety of “sewing tools” like rick rack, zippers, ribbon, twill tape, yarns, beads, shape varieties, lace, seam binding, piping, weaving of velvets, cord (leather, rat tail, nylon), wire, and other things in my drawers. I like it all and I like it with a challenge. I do woodwork, too, and like to in… Read more »


Would like to do another one but find most I have seen offered are very traditional and that not what I’m considering at this time


I love BOMs, but they are way more expensive than if I bought the fabrics myself. I can’t afford most of them.


Cost is a big concern for me. It seems many are outrageous for what you get and you have to pay a sign up fee! I like to get the fabric rather than using my own. Explicit directions and or tutorials are crucial because sometimes directions arent quite clear.


The first BOM quilt was from a local quilt shop. I loved it. The next one was a mail a way and I was very disappointed. The kept leaving out fabric and used fabric that did not match. The directions were horrid. I would not buy another BOM quilt.


I have only done two BOM quilts. I don’t care for them much. They are more expensive than buying the pattern and fabric myself, and they don’t always have colors that I would have chosen on my own. I also don’t like to wait. It took way less than a year to make the quilt that I just bought all of the blocks at once. I understand that shops can make a lot of money on clubs and BOMs, but I would be more likely to spend my money on a project of my choice than one picked out by… Read more »

Jacqueline M livingston

I love miniature blocks and any others i can find.