“Small” did not mean “instantaneous”, but it still didn’t take me long to finish quilting after I posted my progress last week. “Small” did turn out to be liberating, though. Experimenting with new techniques is not very scary when there’s been no huge investment of time and materials. What’s the worst that could happen? I might learn something?

That’s why this was the perfect opportunity to try making those couched thread stems I mentioned last week. And since this piece won’t ever be washed, I fused a piece of sheer gold ribbon on top of the smallest leaf to add a little sparkle. The leaves looked too flat, so I added a touch of color and dimension with colored pencils.

So I urge you to read Heidi Zielinski’s article. Be forewarned, though. Strata quilts are like potato chips―you can’t stop after just one. I’m already planning my next little strata art quilt…Jan Magee, The Quilt Life.

Fall Strata, 11 x 22 inches, by Jan Magee

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