This week’s special quilt of the week captures a moment of great movement and grace. It is called Two Minutes in May and the subject is the Kentucky Derby, which is of special interest to the quilter who created it, Shirley Kelly. Shirley explains the inspiration for this quilt and gives some tips for working...
This week’s special Quilt of the Week is called Cosmic Parade and was created by Gail Garber. Cosmic Parade combines several techniques that provide the movement seen in this quilt. Gail used Stars, Flying Geese and a wonderfully unique choice of colors in Cosmic Parade.  Click on the video to see this beautiful quilt.
Pat Yamin, author of the AQS Publishing  book Two Patch Scrap Quilts will show you how to use her templates to make a Card Trick quilt. She also shows how to use acrylic templates and her Brooklyn Revolver turntable. Just click on the video to go quilting with Pat.
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