Whether you make it in wintery blues or festive colors, Emily has all the tips and tricks you need to make Royal Star shine.
Have fun playing with a borderie perse collage!
Pojagi is an historic Korean art form of patchwork in both form and function. Learn about Pojagi piecing the modern way using your sewing machine.
Learn how to create a Drunkard's Path block and become a pro in curved piecing with this clever tutorial from Bernina.
  Material Pillow Top: White cotton, 22″ square Muslin Backing: 22″ square Pillow Back: (2) 28″ x 21″ rectangles Fireworks: Assorted Red and Pink flannel strips 1″ x width of fabric Pillow Insert: 20″ square Instructions From assorted red and pink flannel strips, make the Faux Rag Strips by laying three strips on top of...
Reverse Appliqué the Eye of the Beholder way. It’s not your Grandmother’s way. When my Great-Grandmother, Sarah Catherine Walker Tiers was quilting in the 1800’s, she used paper templates, pins and scissors. And, she would have reverse appliquéd the traditional way. (Reverse appliqué is when the design is revealed in the background fabric peeking through,...
Take a look at Flora’s technique for embellishing the cypress trees in Starry Night featured in her book, Trispective. A great embellishment technique creating texture and adding sparkle to your favorite project.    In this painting the cypress trees seemed to jump right out of the fabric and request festive treatment. I decided to try the...
If you have a case of the winter blues, this mini quilt will be a great way to brighten up your day!
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