We have 7 ideas for how to recycle your calendars when the year is over but you aren't ready to part with all the beautiful quilt pictures.
Get started on quilts for your sweethearts with our fun heart-inspired quilts.
Enjoy a stroll with Judy Woodworth as she shares a little about her quilts, quilting style, and love of the art of quilting!   Want to see the detail work on some of these quilts? Visit our previous blog post featuring Judy and click on the quilt images to see them enlarged.
Introducing FIRE & ICE, Viewer’s Choice winner at AQS QuiltWeek® – Des Moines, Iowa 2013. AQS Author, Kimberly Einmo, designed and sewed this quilt using Aurifil Quilt Patchwork and Embroidery Threads. Judi Madsen, of Green Fairy Quilts, provided exquisite quilting. FIRE & ICE was displayed at AQS QuiltWeek – Des Moines, Iowa, October 2-5, 2013, as part...
Most quilters will agree that many of their quilts come from an emotional place. Sending a message in a quilt is not new. What you may consider new is the modern twist as more quilters are experimenting with sleek, chic lines and neutral colors with a splash of bold. Quilters are using this method to...
Sandra Leichner, the AQS author of Hand Appliqué with Embroidery, shows how to make your quilts come alive with the right scale of embroidery threads.
Quiltmaking was wildly popular during the US Civil War (1861-1865.) However, most of the quilts crafted during this period were not made for the use of the quiltmaker but as contributions to the soldiers in the field and those wounded in hospitals. The Sanitary Commission, a private philanthropic organization, assisted the War Department and Medical...
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