Take a virtual tour of AQS QuiltWeek - Daytona Beach with these fun videos that capture the magic of the show.
Preview some amazing contest quilts from the Daytona Beach QuiltWeek show below. These quilts have something to say and they are using their words to do it!
Learn technique tips from Nancy Mahoney, Carla Klop, and Barbara Oliver Hartman.
  Listen to Bethanne explain the design elements and creative processes involved in making her award winning quilt, The Paisley Peacock. “This quilt was an experiment in linear precision, hence, the “Wickedly”. Wicked has 293 hours of hand guided quilting and took 8 months to complete.” – Deborah Poole “Art deco stained glass was my...
Have you ever thought about entering a quilt contest? You should!
About ten years ago, I bought a little set of papers from Paper Pieces at the AQS “Quilt Show” in Paducah, before we called it QuiltWeek, and long before I started working here. It included hexies (before the hexie craze), squares, and tiny triangles. I found a little stack of charm squares, cotton prints in...
“Think about your end goal for the quilt,” says Becky Richards, Educator for Hobbs Bonded Fibers, a QuiltWeek sponsor. Why are there so many types? Becky answers many batting questions in this video. Cotton, polyester, cotton blend, silk, wool, wool blend—there are so many choices! Have you tried using two layers of different types?
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