Linda Hahn
Juicy Lucy Block from Rock that Quilt Block: Weathervane
Get your supplies together and create treat for the whole family! Enjoy Linda Hahn’s Hot Cinnamon Rolls – perfect for every occasion!
  Linda has done it again! This time she comes right into your studio and gets things shaking!  Quilt Matchup: Stash vs Cash offers just that, one quilt, two ways. Sometimes the changes in fabric selection lend to better piecing methods, and Linda is all over that too.   With eight matchups, there’s the possibility...
Learn how to baste properly for smooth curved intersections in this tip from iquilt.com instructor Linda Hahn. Linda takes the stress out of stitching curves as she puts you in a New York Beauty state of mind!
On December 7, 2015, Linda Hahn was the guest of Pat Sloan on the popular American Patchwork and Quilting radio/podcast Show. Linda is the AQs author of Rock That Quilt Block! Weathervane (2015), New York Beauty Diversified (2013), and New York Beauty Simplified (2011). A new book, Rock That Quilt Block: Hourglass is coming this...
Join us for a four-part series quilt, Maple Cabin by Linda Hahn
On a blazing-hot Wednesday afternoon in Paducah, KY, several staff members represented the American Quilter’s Society in the Ice Bucket Challenge to support research and raise awareness for ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. It was a chilling experience for all who were brave enough to stand under that GIANT bucket! Enjoy the video...
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