Try out any of the Must-Try Trends with Mug Rugs. These cozy little creations open up a world of creative possibilities to make your own.
September is Foundation Paper Piecing Month! Ready to see what all the fuss is about? Try creating an original Foundation Paper Pieced project.
Quilt backing is the fabric used on the back of a quilt. It’s the bottom layer of the quilt sandwich: top, batting, backing. The important thing to remember about the backing is that it is always the biggest part of the sandwich. Once you’ve finished a your beautiful top and are ready to start putting...
Stretch your creative muscles with this fun quilt block design exercise.
Pictorial Blocks are a must try trend you won't want to miss with a tutorial to make your own blocks!
Learn how to turn your favorite block into your favorite quilt!
Start planning your Medallion Quilt today!
From motif development to record keeping, use these great pages to help you organize your creating!
In Judi Madsen’s latest book, Secondary Designs, we get a look inside Judi’s design style and her though process for coming up with secondary quilting designs. The possibilities are endless as she encourages us to push the limits and raise the bar! Offering 4 main projects in the book and an additional 2 on the CD...