Make the beautiful River Trees Quilt using the River Trees block by Jan Magee.
Here’s a pattern inspired by the very first issue of The Quilt Life! Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims held their first TQL Cook-Off in April, 2010.
Chimney Sweep Block from Ann Hazelwood’s book “The Funeral Parlor Quilt.”
Carolina Lily Block from Ann Hazelwood’s book “The Potting Shed Quilt.”
Here's a paper-pieced tree for all seasons from Bonnie Browning.  Use it for the holiday season or make your own forest of trees using this simple pattern.
Learn to make a perfect reverse appliqué Sunburst block with Marti Michell. Marti's method eliminates the bulk that is sometimes a problem with this traditional quilt block.  She shows you how to use freezer paper and simple measurements to make a perfect block every time.
Marjorie Rhine designed this block for the background of her quilt, Transformed, which won an honorable mention in the 2009 Hoffman Challenge.
A Grandmother's Fan quilt plays an integral role in The Basement Quilt by Ann W. Hazelwood. One might even say that the quilt is a character in the book.
Log Cabin Library Block by Karen Griska The Log Cabin quilt pattern is one of the most beloved and recognized of quilt designs. However, it may be both older and newer than you might think. While it’s natural to assume that this traditional block originated in the United States during the pioneer days, the origins...
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