It's time to finish the All-Border Quilt with binding and a label. It's the final project of the How To Quilt series from American Quilter's Society.
As the AQS March Binding Challenge wraps up, we congratulate our final giveaway winner and show off your bound quilts! Every bound quilt is a victory.
Take your binding to the next level with big stitch binding! Learn how with this tutorial. Also learn about the March Binding Challenge week 3 winner!
At the beginning of the month, we announced the AQS March Binding Challenge Giveaway. It’s a four week challenge and giveaway. For every quilt bound and submitted, entrants get their name put in the pot. We draw a random winner each Tuesday of the challenge, empty the pot, and start again. This week, we’re announcing...
We challenged you to bind as many quilts as you can in March, and we're off to a great start! Congratulate the week one giveaway winner and learn about binding with a decorative stitch.
How many quilts can you bind this month? Take the challenge and enter the weekly giveaway. Get all the details and start binding!
Learn tricks to join the ends of binding on your quilts perfectly every time.
Learn how an easy fold while stitching will make your mitered corners sharp—and easy with this fun tip from Bonnie Browning.
Watch as Cindy Seitz-Krug shows you a unique binding technique for curved edges on a quilt. The easy process creates a beautiful finish!