Don't be intimidated by circles anymore. Big or small, you can make them all!
Circles play with geometric shapes in this fun quilt.
Try this no-sew-til-you-quilt technique for French Fuse Applique.
Step-by-step guide showing how to use an applique pressing sheet with fusible applique.
You'll fall in love with this adorable wallhanging or throw.
Want a relaxed introduction to needle turn applique?
  Laser cut applique offers a speedy solution to the time consuming task of cutting when fuse appliqueing. Unlike traditional applique kits where a pattern is provided and you have to make templates or mark freezer paper or fabric to get started, laser cut applique provides the applique pieces already cut from fabric with the...
Get practically perfect inner applique points every time with this great tip from Jamie Davis. She shows you each step for this simple solution. Take a look and give it a try!
Heart-shaped flowers are abloom throughout this fabulously intricate and appealing applique tree! From Liz Jones’ book, Flowers, Hearts & Garlands, comes a beautiful expression of appliqué love. Imagine the colorways that will make this Heart Tree come alive!
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