Last week we shared some of our favorite tools for applique with you. This week we're bringing you ten beautiful applique projects you can start today!
Karen Kay Buckley's perfect applique tools take the stress out of circles, leaves, and stems. Learn more about these wonderful notions now!
Try collage applique quilts, this month's must-try trend. Get inspired and learn fuse applique collage methods with a photo tutorial.
Check out this guide for quilting appliques from Eye of the Beholder Quilt Design.
Build a flowerbed of quilty flowers with these fun charm blooms!
Learn how to make fuse applique motifs, decorate a tote, and make a canvas tote bag. This beginner-friendly project whips up fast!
Settle in for the remainder of winter with these Groundhog Day projects that promise spring is just around the corner.
Here are two more Cutwork Blocks for your Baltimore Album fun!
Explore a favorite Baltimore Album applique technique with these two Cutwork blocks.
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