Did you think I’d have my strata quilt finished in a week? I did too. But as the expression goes, “Close, but no cigar.”

It became quickly apparent that my fall landscape idea was not going to work as I expected. The sky was all wrong. Ditto the green plaid cotton lamé. But, a strip of large-scale print just happened to be lying on the ironing board. Seriously! And it was perfect.

I like this better. My original layered landscape idea was too literal. I still added three yellow leaves. I struggled with how I was going to make the stems until I remembered a technique for couched thread stems Sue Nickels shared in The Quilt Show’s 2013 Block of the Month pattern. (If you are a member of TQS—and I hope you are—check out month 8 of Two of Us.) I’m afraid you’ll have to wait and see those when I show you the finished product.

After the top was completed, the gold tone-on-tone strip was too blah. Right now I’m adding some interest to that strip by quilting circles with black thread. Instead of marking, I’m quilting around self-stick dot labels. The dots are not intended to stick to fabric, so it helps to hold them in place with a stiletto…Jan Magee, The Quilt Life

A stiletto is handy at this stage.
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So exciting to see you trying this out, Jan! I suggest throwing in a darker fabric or two as you have mostly medium tone fabrics, even the one with black also has white in it. Maybe a blue or green dark fabric or even a dark rust–actually a darker multi-color might work to add more interest. I’d probably make it/them narrow just for some contrast. Like the fall theme—just my colors!! Good luck!!