StoryPatches™ Add Voice, Photos, Video to Your Quilts!


Imagine the excitement and historical value when you include a StoryPatch on your next quilt for a loved one!

Just iron a StoryPatch onto your quilt or quilt label, or onto any fabric craft. Choose any photo, video, or audio recording on your phone or computer, or record new content on the go with the free StoryPatches app. Use your phone or computer to upload to the website. To replay, scan the label with a smartphone or go to the website to replay.

Document the history of your quilt, of the quiltmaker, or of the family. Send special greetings by voice, photo, or video!

Each StoryPatch holds one message on a black cotton patch that is approximately 1” square, and is machine washable. The maximum file size is 50MB – that’s about two minutes of video.

Your message will be stored for a lifetime!

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