Stockholm Star: Step 9: Joining the sections and blocking


Joining the sections is the same as joining rows, but this time I mark the sewing line on both sides. What I’m really concerned about is getting the points matched in the center. After all, you’re watching!

Once I have half of the quilt assembled (only three seams! Why am I sweating?) I’m going to block it. If I’d been a real nit-picker (and not so excited to see what this was all going to look like) I would have blocked each section. I pin the sections on the design wall with the help of a plumb line (I made it from string and a metal thing) to establish the vertical center. A yard stick helps establish the horizontals, all the way across. I pin everything where I want it to be, spray with water, until it’s fairly saturated, and let dry.

In Diane Gaudynski’s book about machine quilting, she says blocking natural fiber (in this case, cotton fabric and thread) works like like setting your hair. When was the last time you set your hair?

The plumb line
Blocking on the design wall
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