Wednesday January 29th 2014

Stockholm Star: Step 5: Ready to start sewing

Confession time. Just in case you thought a quilt mag editor has all the latest and greatest new gadgets in her studio, here’s one of my secrets. Yes, I do have a lovely board that’s 14 inches square, covered with sandpaper, for arranging the patches for a block and carrying them to the machine. But when I have something big, like a whole section of this sunburst quilt, I pull out my piece of Styrofoam insulation. It’s about 24 x 30 inches and it was left over from a home repair project. Little clingy plastic bits keep falling off the edges, so I should really cover it with a piece of flannel someday. Oh. I guess you can see the wine glass, too.
Well, on to the project at hand. I am excited to finally start sewing…Jan Magee, The Quilt Life

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