Stockholm Star: Step 4: Cutting, finally


Admittedly, templates are old school. But for this quilt, it’s the way to go. I speed up the cutting process a little by first rotary cutting 3” strips. Then I mark around the template, rotary cut along the straight lines, and use a sharp new scissors to snip the ends of the diamonds. That last step it what makes using templates worthwhile – it’s so much easier to match the patches when you’re sewing.

In the pattern we recommended cutting the patches one section at a time, but I was on a roll. I’ll just select the patches I need as I go. After I cut the patches, I was still a little nervous about how that large-scale print was going to look so I put the center up on my design wall. I think I’m going to like it…Jan Magee, The Quilt Life

Cutting the patches
So far, so good
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Lori Furlong

This is awesome and you make it look so easy! thanks for sharing.


I love this pattern and your choice of fabrics. Where can I go to see your other steps?