Stockholm Star: Step 2: Making a paste-up


Once again, I had to control myself. Though I was so excited to get started, I made a paste-up of two sections of the quilt. I’m glad I took this extra step because I quickly realized I couldn’t use all 10 fabrics, at least not in a quilt this size with fairly large patches. But I think my idea – to alternate the orange and blue patches section to section – is going to make this an interesting quilt. Once upon a time, in a college psychology class, I learned that the viewer’s eye will see what it expects to see. And in my art classes I learned that value is more important than color. So, even though the blue and orange are contrasting colors, they are the same value (difference between light and dark) so that “round” of diamonds should hold its own. I’ve also included a great large-scale, high contrast print. I love it, but I’m a little nervous about how it will work. Jan Magee, The Quilt Life

Turns out this paste-up helped me keep organized while I was piecing.
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