State Block: Delaware


Delaware State Block

December 7, 1787

12″ x 12″

American Made Brand Fabrics:

Dark Eggplant
Light Yellow
Dark Aqua
Light Pink

Download Foundation Paper Piecing Pattern and Applique Template.

  • Print 8 copies of Unit A foundation paper piecing pattern.
  • Print 16 copies of Template B or make a freezer paper template.
  • Print 1 copy of the Placement Diagram for the applique unit.


Rectangle Units

Paper piece Unit A using the numbers for placement order. Make 8.

Sew two units together to create a rectangle. Match the outer side-point of piece 1 first, when sewing the units together.

To keep the center point from shifting, sew the units together from the center out.

This rectangle unit measures 3″ x 5 1/4″ unfinished.

Make 4 rectangle units.


Applique Squares

Using the Placement Diagram and applique Template B, applique the quarter circles to the 5 1/4″ background squares.


Quarter Square Triangle

Cut a 4″ light yellow and aqua square. Make a Quarter Square Triangle.

Need help making a Quarter Square Triangle, watch this tutorial.

Trim to 3″ square.


Block Assembly:

Arrange the units as shown in the block assembly diagram below. Sew the units together into rows, then sew the rows into a block.

Block measures 12 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ unfinished.

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Special thanks to Bonnie Browning for use of her book for reference, Vintage Quilt Blocks State by State by Bonnie K. Browning.

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Love the idea of the 50 states Blocks and Mug Rugs, with this one, Delaware, being the first one in the series. Is the 12″ the finished/completed block size or will the finished/completed block size be 11.5″?

Kathleen Morris

Hello AQS Friends!
This is my first venture into this Online quilting world! Must I download these block patterns one by one daily or can I do so in batches– week by week or even, at the end, in one big swoop? Might they be republished as a book?
My life is fractured enough that doing ANYTHING daily is very unlikely to succeed.
I really appreciate your help here, for I love the idea of challenging myself with such an interesting sampler with so many techniques to try.

Thank you,

Jane Poparad

Looking forward to making all 50 State blocks

Hello AQS,

Would it be possible to make 8” blocks as opposed to 12”. Twelve inches per block would be too big for the quilt I intend to make. Thank you for responding to me.