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We recently introduced you to the new Stashery program offering a curated collection of fat quarters and three 12″ block patterns in a mystery package. Each month we reveal the 12″ blocks, click here to see the blocks in Stashery: Cubed, and offer a free setting idea using one of the blocks.

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Take a look at this stunning setting featuring Cubed Block 2:

posie pocket stashery cubed

Posie Pocket

60″ x 60″

Fabric Requirements

Cream –  1 7/8 yards
Purple –  7/8 yard
Dark Purple – 7/8 yard
Yellow – 5/8 yard
Binding – 5/8 yard
Backing – 4 yards or 1 7/8 yards of 108″ backing

Cutting Instructions

Follow the Stashery: Cubed Block 2 instructions for sizes

13 Dark blocks

12 Light blocks

From the binding fabric, cut:
(7) 2 1/2″ x WOF strips

Block Coloring

Following the block instructions that come in Stashery: Cubed, make the following blocks

13 Dark:

posie pocket stashery cubed

12 light:

posie pocket stashery cubed

Notice how trading solid dark squares for solid light squares in the block lets you set two Nine Patch blocks next without alternating where the pieced elements go in the block. Leaving the small squares the same color also lends a uniformity to the quilt. Play with value and color placement in your quilt for different effects.

Quilt Assembly

Set the blocks together in rows of five, alternating dark and light blocks.

You can also play with how many blocks to put in the quilt in different arrangements. If you prefer a symmetrical look, pay attention to how the blocks fall. In the quilt below, we’ve added one more row at the bottom, which leaves the quilt hanging, so to speak, with no dark blocks in the corners like there is in the first row of the quilt.

posie pocket stashery cubed

Once the rows are complete, sew the rows together to make the quilt top.

Layer the quilt top, batting and backing. Quilt as desired and bind using preferred method.

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