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When it comes to quilting, that final step can be elusive – the binding. At times, it takes all we have to get the top together, then it can require a miracle to get it quilted and trimmed let alone bound.

Do you have quilts waiting to be bound? Why not make it an event with friends and cheer each other on to the finish line? Start a Binding Club!

Starting a Binding Club

A Binding Club can be whatever you and your friends want it to be. The goal of a Binding Club is for everyone to help each other finish quilts. It may be stitching or education or moral support, but the end result is bound quilts.

Together you will keep each other on track to finish your quilts – to the very last stitch!

Binding being sewn onto a placemat.

Meeting & Event Ideas

If you all love hand binding, then get together however often you decide to bind a quilt. Everyone takes a side and off you go, stitching the evening way talking and laughing together. Take turns binding each others quilts together. One meeting you may bind Sue and Lynda’s quilts and the next Meg and Mary’s. Take turns throughout the year. Many hands makes quick work!

Rather take on the whole process? Let everyone be responsible for setting up a station and take your quilts from quilted to bound one station at a time. Share creative binding ideas as well as your knowledge of the binding process.

Binding Preppers – Need binding on hand? Bring fabric and everyone can cut, press, roll and store. Imagine going home with a box full of bindings ready to go!

Binding Movie Night – Stitch through a thriller, romantic comedy, or old time classic. Pick a movie based off one of the quilts.

Book Binding Club – Pick a book, everyone read it, and discuss while stitching.

“Insert Name of Favorite Podcast Here” Binding Club – Gather together to stitch and listen to a favorite podcast then discuss.

Bake & Bind – Try new goodies and share recipes while binding quilts. Pick a theme for each meeting and explore the world of baking while finishing quilts. My favorite would be cheesecake night!

Next Week

Ready to start a binding club? Come back next week for activity ideas, challenges and educational event ideas.

What ideas do you have for your binding group? Share them in the comments below or in our Project Parade Facebook Group

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