Spotlight on Ginnie Leiner!


This week’s quilting community spotlight is shining on Ginnie Leiner!

Ginnie’s name is familiar to quilters who share their experiences on, a free quilter’s meeting place sponsored by American Quilter’s Society. Ginnie, from Greensburg, Pennsylvania, has been quilting for 40 years – and admits there’s still a lot to learn. Like most of us, she has many ideas chasing around in her head – and she has turned an incredible number of those ideas into reality. She will have made 132 quilts by the end of this year.

Ginnie machine pieces and machine quilts, and is a quilt collector, too. She enjoys the sense of order and the creative outlet provided by quilting. There’s no question that she loves to give quilts as gifts, evidenced by the flurry of Christmas quilts she made just this year!

“Call me nuts but I have decided that in 2013, I will make a Christmas quilt for each family on my side of the house,” Ginnie wrote in January 2013. Her goal of making 15 Christmas quilt tops was met by July 5. Each of her quilts is numbered, named, and photographed, and she has shared them throughout the spring months on The back of each quilt is embroidered with “The Year of the Christmas Quilt” and the name of the quilt, in addition to signature lines. Currently, five of the Christmas quilts are completely done.


Ginnie noted recently that her daughter, who gave her that compliment every mother loves to hear, “you are the awesomest Mom ever!” is planning to make 15 matching drawstring bags for the quilts!

Ginnie plans to give the quilts to her loving family of recipients at Thanksgiving. We look forward to hearing about their reactions!

And just in case you think “that’s all” Ginnie’s been doing – she also works outside the home (to give her fingers a rest) AND has made some non-Christmasy quilts this year! She also makes counted cross-stitch pieces to add to some of her quilts.

If you know Ginnie’s family, there’s one more thing we’d like to say:

“Shhhhh! Don’t tell!”

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