Some Days It’s More than Fabric – 7 Reasons Quilters Quilt


Last week, in the Quilting For My Heart Survey, we asked, “Why are you a quilter?” There were a list of reasons to pick as many as you like, as well as a place to write more answers. Over 1300 quilters responded. Let’s take a look.

I like working with fabric.

Nearly 90% expressed a fondness for fabric. This is an easy point to understand – quilters love fabric!

It’s my creative outlet.

86% identified quilting as their creative outlet.

It lets me give part of myself to others.

Having an outlet for generosity is an important part of quilting for 75% of respondents.

I like being with quilters.

58% consider quilting a social sport.

It keeps me sane.

For 55%, quilting keeps things on an even keel.

It’s who I am.

Who are you? 33% respond, “I am a quilter, that’s who I am!”

I need something to do.

30% appreciate that quilting gives them something to do.

It’s my voice.

25% have found their voice in quilting.

  • mental stimulation
  • gift giving
  • therapy
  • an escape, takes me on journeys I never thought possible
  • stress relief
  • love sewing
  • my legacy
  • income
  • connection to my past
  • challenges me
  • love math
  • it heals me
  • connects me to my community
  • how I communicate
  • part of my family tradition
  • calms me
  • saved my life
  • allows me to give
  • lets me play with color
  • my quilts don’t judge me
  • it fills me with memories of my mother
  • always learning
  • feel accomplished
  • grounds me
  • relieves worry
  • brings light into my life
  • let’s me bring warmth to the lives of people I don’t know
  • my meditiation
  • keeps my blood sugar low
  • lets me nurture myself
  • keeps the world at bay
  • brings balance to my life
  • helps with anxiety and depression
  • makes me feel appreciated
  • makes me feel like I am enough

Thank you to everyone who participated in this special survey. We are busy responding to those who would like to share their stories. Thank you so much for the constant support the quilting community gives to the world.

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