Have you read the article about Nola Emerie yet? Long story short, one day Nola decided she was going to be a quilter. That was after she suffered a massive stroke. Although the stroke left Nola with very limited use of her right hand, it sure didn’t affect her determination. It’s an inspiring story that’s all about focusing on what you can do, not what you can’t. It’s also about the power of quilting.

Here’s a little postscript to the story. Last year Nola was contacted by a longarm quilter who wanted some advice. She had been teaching a nine-year-old girl, Maria, to quilt. Maria had a birth injury that caused her left arm to be completely immobile. She hoped Nola could give her some pointers on quilting with only one hand. The quilter did happen to mention that Maria had pieced and quilted a queen-sized quilt by herself, and she was going to enter it Machine Quilters Showcase. Maria, clearly, is another determined person.

At the end of this post is a picture Nola’s husband, Rick, took of these two kindred spirits when they met for the first time at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival in Colorado in 2012. Nola recalls, “Maria said, ‘Oh, you can be my left hand,’ and I said ‘You can be my right hand.’ Then we held hands and smiled for Rick to take our picture.”

See the entire article by Irene Berry in the December 2013 issue of The Quilt Life magazine.

Don’t you just love those smiles?…Jan Magee, The Quilt Life

Nola and Maria
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Wonderfully inspiring! These two and many others have such an awesome “can do” spirit. There is a lady in the 55+ park where I live who makes a quilt every year for the raffle during the annual Craft Fair & Bake Sale. She also has residual effects from a stroke which affects her left arm. That doesn’t stop Daphne! She’s beautiful inside and out, generous, and makes beautiful quilts too! These folks are awesome!