Simple Tips to Make Reusable Templates!


Make your own reusable plastic templates with iquilt online instructor Joanne Sharpe. She walks you through the process from beginning to end. Keep all your favorite shapes handy!

Additional Tip: Put a sticky velcro dot on the center of the front of your plastic template. Not only will this help you hold the template steady while tracing, you can also store your favorite shapes on your design wall so they stay in your mind while you are creating and are at your fingertips anytime you need them.


Interested in hearing more great ideas from Joanne? Visit her at

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Instead of expensive quilting template plastic, I use large sheets of clear “cutting mats” from the dollar store and there are several sheets.

Jan Ward

Yes I love the idea of the Velcro, and more ideas would be great. As for the template material, I use the stiff cardboard type inserts between pages of spiral bound notebooks, and their plastic covers. Very cheap, as they were bought to serve as a notebook, later repurposed it as template material!


I use the plastic lids from coffee cans and margarine containers when making templates. Any unused plastic goes back in the recyclables bin.