Shop for Clearance Books at Home


Even if you can’t make it to the Finkel Building at the AQS Quilt Show and Contest in Paducah this year, you can still shop for bargains in our Special Sales Section of the American Quilter’s Society website. You’ll find gift items, dvd’s, cd’s, books, and more at super prices.

So, shop from the comfort of your home….but, don’t wait too long….these great products won’t last long at these low, low prices.

Click here to go shopping.


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Susan McCullough

Re Finkel book sale: Here’s an idea that should help you sell more books: Keep all the books of the same title together on the table, as with the myriad of other interest books around the room. We would spend less time hunting and thus leave more space for other gals to get close to the tables and shop quickly. When we see the same titles over and over throughout the horizontal pile of books, it is very tempting to give up and quit looking.Especially when it has been hot, which is often the case. Why not try it one… Read more »


I don’t mean this to sound snippety, but have you ever worked in a department store that is having a sale on shirts and it was your job to keep them organized and folded according to size and logo on the front. You would have more people trying to refold and organize standing around the table than people to buy. Also people have a tendency to pick books up and wander, then find something different that they would rather have. Most of them do not go back to the table where the original was found, but just lay it on… Read more »

Marilynn Bilyeu

I loved Susan McCullough’s suggestion to keep all the books of the same title togehter on the tables. Many times I have given up hunting and left with fewer books than I would have purchased if they were easier to find.