Send a Comfort Quilt to Oklahoma


Our hearts ache for the families in Moore, Oklahoma, suffering through the aftereffects of the horrific tornado. So now we go to work doing what we, as quilters, do best—quilting.

Sharon Crozier informed the American Quilter’s Society that Ellen Medlock of the Ellen Medlock Studio Store in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has started a quilt drive for Oklahoma tornado families and her store is serving as a distribution point for quilts for the families in Moore.

I talked with Amanda at the store today and she assured me that they are accepting quilts until June 7, 2013. So if you have time to make a small, comfort quilt to assist those in need, please do and send it to the address below. Amanda also said that if you have a king- or queen-size quilt already completed and would like to donate it, they would accept it, too.

Ellen Medlock informed Sharon that she is honored to start a quilt drive and will make sure it [quilt] is placed in the right hands. Ellen stated, “We will be happy to place any kind of blanket for that matter!”

Send your quilt donation to arrive no later than June 7, 2013 to:

OK Quilt Drive
c/o Ellen Medlock Studio Store
10032 S. Sheridan Rd
Suite H-1
Tulsa, OK 74133

Sylvia Thomas, AQS Office Administrator


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this a most wonderful thought. but at this time it is not a good idea. with the families living with other families or in shelters they do not have room or the ability to keep things of this nature safe. what will happen(sadly)is that the donated quilts will be put into storage that is now waterproof and they will get wet and mildew rendering them unusable. I thought about doing this from my quilt guild and looked into doing this and it was suggested that sending money to assist in getting needed items was a better idea at this time.

Joann w lutz

What size quilts are most needed?


It is impossible for us to sew them and get them to Oklahoma by June 7.
Please let us know what other choices there are for sending quilts at later dates. thank you

Barbara W

I am sending one with kittens butterflies and flowers, and nice happy things to make a child smile on this small quilt. I respect what Lois has to say but kindly disagree when it is a small quilt. People have to have something to wrap up and sleep under even when it is on a friend or family members floor. As someone who has lived in tornado alley for 51 years and knows both what it feels like to loose everything and the blessing of being alive I also know what a quilt meant to wrap up in and know… Read more »

Barbara W

Ellen and your team I feel blessed that all of you are allowing me to take something I love to do and send a hug to those who need one so badly right now. From when I was small and sat under the quilting frame watching my Great Aunt Sally and her friends make quilts, to when I was promoted to needle threader and later made my first quilt they have always been representations of love and like getting a great big ole hug. The people of Moore need those hugs in quilt form now more than ever. Love and… Read more »

Heather Mallanda

Our quilt guild sent 13 quilts to an individual close to Moore, long story short she is unableto get them out. They are all done all they neneedare homes, can you help?