Scoops & Cones Quilt Along – Perfect Summer Fun!


Welcome to the Scoops & Cones quilt along! You’re in for a sweet treat. I have one of those calendars full of extra made-up holidays that delight in the simple pleasures of life. That calendar informed me July is Ice Cream month (of course it is) and this quilt flashed before my eyes. As if the idea could melt, I ran to the sewing machine to start. That’s how Scoops & Cones was born, but not where it began.

I’m an admitted ice cream fan. I eat ice cream all year round. In the winter, it’s a rare gift I relish, and in the summer, an utter necessity. I recently counted all the pints in my freezer and realized I had nine different flavors I was nibbling on a spoonful or two at a time.scoops and cones quilt

I’ve learned a lot about life from quilters through the years. One such quilter faithfully ran every morning, and equally faithfully ate a small cone of soft serve afterwards. She said that when she retired, she realized she didn’t want to go another day of her life without a little ice cream in it. It’s one of my favorite lessons someone has ever shared with me, and I try to live by its message every day.

scoops and cones quilt

So, allow me to introduce you to the Scoops & Cones quilt. It’s 60″ square finished and features 40 ice cream cones, a low-volume background, and patchwork or foundation paper piecing construction.

For the quilt along, we’ll make Scoops & Cones in 4 weeks.

For now, think on what you’d like your Scoops & Cones quilt to look like and gather fabric.

scoops and cones quilt

Maybe you want to stick to one flavor… like strawberry!

scoops and cones quilt

Maybe you’re more of a sherbet person?

scoops and cones quilt

Click Here to download a Scoops & Cones coloring sheet and play around with colors for your quilt.

Once you’ve settled on some scrumptious combination, gather your fabrics.

Fabric Requirements

Background and Inner Border – 2 7/8 yards
Accent – 1 1/4 yards
Dark Cone – 5/8 yard
Light Cone – 5/8 yard
Ice Cream 1* – 1/8 yard
Ice Cream 2* – 1/8 yard
Ice Cream 3* – 1/8 yard
Ice Cream 4* – 1/8 yard
Ice Cream 5* – 1/8 yard
*or 5/8 yard of one fabric, or 40 pre-cut 5″ squares total
Outer Border – 3/4 yard
Binding – 1/2 yard
Backing – 4 yards

Share Your Progress

Show off your project on our Facebook group, Project Parade.

Before we go…

I’d love to know your favorite flavor of ice cream. Drop a comment to let me know! I’ll think on my answer, but I think it’s clear from the content of my freezer that I may not have only one. Happy making!

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Terrie Johnson

I love Tonight Dough, Cherry’s Jubilee, Coffee, Hazelnut, and Coconut. Too many yummy flavors to just choose one.

Terrie Johnson

My favorite ice cream flavors are Tonight Dough, Coconut, Cherry Jubilee, Hazelnut, and Coffee.

Joan Varonka

Chocolate Marshmellow is so yummy!

Monna Shaner

Black Cherry. This quilt is so cute

Question, how can we make and show a block BEFORE you even release the directions to the block? Oh yea, most anything with chocolate in it is my favorite (as long as it does NOT have coconut).

Shawn Richelle Depasse

My favorite is Moosetracks

Rose Love

Pistachio and Black Cherry

Nancy Speakman

My favorite ice cream flavor is rich, creamy Pralines and Cream. Oh, my…


Jamocha Almond


Rocky Road!!

Joyce Somero

Oh my…..Top of the line is Butter pecan. I make my own. Then Fresh Peach, oh yah Bing cherry yum yum yum

Shazzi Felstein

Chocolate, chocolate with nuts, chocolate with fudge ripples, chocolate chocolate chip, etc.

Diana Bicknell

I love vanilla because you can put most anything on it…m&m’s, etc.


Black cherry vanilla and orange n cream.

Jacqueline Kostick

Forbidden Fudge is my favorite flavor


salted caramel with vanilla! This is going to be fun!

Melinda Gregory

What a fun quilt! Gotta do this! And to think I was going to get a UFO finished……later!
Ice cream? Everything, except peanut butter, allergic. Looking for fabric now.

Honestly, I’m not a really big fan of ice cream. I do enjoy homemade ice cream made with very high fat content cream but that’s about it. However, My Dad is a BIG ice cream fan. He is going to be 89 this year and he has just had to move into a nursing home which makes him (and me) sad. I just decided that I’m going to make this quilt for him to cheer him up and to have on his bed in the nursing home. I’ll adapt it to fit his single bed. They have very little in… Read more »

Susan Lord

My absolute favorite is maple walnut, but it’s seasonal so my go to choice is often chocolate mint.

Joyce Palsson

Nothing better than SPUMONI ice cream!! Or if not available Jamoca Almond Fudge.


Chocolate and various forms of chocolate – forbidden chocolate, chocolate almond, chocolate cookie dough. You get the drift.



Sharon Treece

Maui Waui Serbet from Cascade Glacier in Oregon. I first tried it at a little Ice Cream shop in Whittier, Alaska. It was heaven.

Jen B

Baskins and Robbins: Pralines and Cream


Oooooooh, you had me at ‘ice cream’! When I go to Coldstone, I get chocolate ice cream with cherry pie filling and chopped toasted almonds, and don’t mix it up! I’ll try just about anything, but someone else can have my share of maple nut.


My favorite isn’t actually an ice cream. I like sherbets. I do love to have a soft serve ice cream on special occasions.