Scissor Savvy Survey Results



Last week we asked you about your scissors – over 950 of you responded! Thank you to each and every one of you for taking the time to share your scissor experiences.




Q: How many quilting/sewing scissors do you own?

  • Six to ten pairs of scissors can be found in 41% of respondents’ homes.
  • Over 100 of you had more scissors than you could count!
  • Only one person felt that scissors had passed their time of usefulness voting that no one uses scissors.




Q: What types of specialty scissors do you own and use?

  • Apparently nearly all of us have a pair of pinking shears! A whopping 80% count the zig zagged edge cutters among their collection.
  • Snips and Embroidery scissors followed close behind with 77% of those asked owning a pair of each.
  • Not on the list, but were mentioned…
    • Rag quilt snips
    • Serrated
    • Buttonhole scissors
    • Chenille
    • Electric
    • Round tipped
    • Spring activated
    • Curved manicure
    • Surgical
    • Grandmother’s
  • Having read the question, one participant responded, “I clearly need more scissors!”



Q: Do you sharpen or replace your scissors?

  • Interestingly the most skipped question.
  • Of those who did respond, nearly 10% are fearless sharpeners, 10% rather replace than sharpen, and the remaining 80% do a bit of both.
  • According to the comment section, many of you are of the don’t sharpen and don’t toss category. You keep them all, dull and sharp alike.



Q: Have you ever cut out a quilt with scissors only?

  • This was nearly a 50/50 split! I was shocked. But I shouldn’t have been. It’s the same reason I’ve cut out quilts with only scissors…it was before rotary cutters. 




Q: What is your favorite brand of scissors?

  • Top Five:
    • Gingher – 39%
    • Fiskars – 23%
    • Karen K. Buckley – 15%
    • Kai – 8%
    • Havel – 3%
  • Others mentioned in the comments:
    • Apliquick
    • Bohin
    • Clover
    • Cutco
    • Dovo
    • Eversharp
    • Famore
    • Fons & Porter
    • Fuller Brush
    • Heritage Cutlery
    • Hoffritz
    • IKEA
    • Kershaw
    • Kretzer
    • Marathon Threads
    • Mundial
    • Olfa
    • Tres Claveles
    • Tula Pink
    • Westcott
    • Wiss



Q: What do you most frequently use your quilting scissor for?

  • 61% trim fabric and threads with their scissors. 
  • 20% use them for applique.
  • 9% diligently cut out their quilts one snip at a time!


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Barb Murdock

Wish I had known about the survey, as my favorite scissors are by far Kai. I probably have 10 pair or more, have tried most brands and my sister and I always go back to the Kai or the small Olfa. Kai’s so much better than Ginghers.

Mary Ellen

Your question: Do you sharpen or replace your scissors? Some scissors now cannot be sharpened like Fiskars spring loaded. When I inquired with the company they said to just mail them in and they would replace them. I found that hard to do as they were my mother’s scissors for everything at the sewing machine. Did anyone suggest ways to sharpen scissors at home? I would be very interested in those quick, tried but true home remedies for a dull pair of scissors. Thank you so much!

Sue Chisholm

Mary Ellen, I also own Fiskars spring loaded scissors. When they seem to be getting dull (particularly the small ones) I tighten the screw holding them together and they are as good as new. This was a tip passed on by our Scissorman at a quilt guild meeting. Now I make sure that any scissors I buy can be adjusted. Works every time (unless the problem is a damaged blade).

Elise Mysker

Interesting survey – I was surprised at how many own pinking shears. I had to donate my mothers they were old and heavy and replaced them with new shears. I thought I was the only one using those.

Roberta Hollonbeck

I really like the KAI scissors. I have the small ones and found them to have the sharpest, finest points


Kai are the best.


Craftsy blog had a tip yesterday for sharpening scissors by cutting through steel wool. I looked on the internet and saw that another suggestion was folding up pieces of aluminum and cutting through that in strips until they are sharpened. Haven’t tried this yet, but think I will on a pair of small fiskar snips that need to be sharper.


I have a Fiskars sharpener that I have used for many years. It is small and easy to use. Keeps my scissors razor sharp.

Nel Eyre

I did an inventory recently. I have ove forty pairs. Most have a story, but it seems I can’t resist them, as I have a few more on my wish list.