Scissor Savvy Survey



Please take a few moments and share your thoughts, opinions and experiences with scissors.

If you have trouble with the survey window, please click here to take the survey.

We will share the results next week.


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a pair of scissors for every different purpose.

a pair of scissors for every different cut.


Treat yourself with a good pair of scissors priced over $30.00 for sewing & quilting. Use the poor #3.99 ones for paper and craft projects

Susan J Spencer

I was cleaning out the bottom drawer of my sewing table awhile back, and discovered that I had five pairs of pinking shears (three of which I have since donated to my guild’s “Bargain Garden.”) This lead me to search my house to find out just how many pairs of scissors I had. Note: I have friends who insist that embroidery scissors and thread snips should not “count;” in that case, I only own fourteen pairs of sewing scissors.

Colleen Wright

Interesting survey, I use scissors based on the project…

I love the scissors that came in a suture removal kit. They are extremely sharp at the point and the price is right. I have electric, which are seldom used. All the name brands as well. Seems like I have them for everything project in process.


No comment.


Not counting paper scissors, 6 pair.


I have no comment!

I love to sew !

C A Haines

My favorite is my applique

Angie Moreno

For me you can never have to many scissors.

Becky Couture

I have paper scissors, fabric only scissors & shears, nippers for threads, and pinking shears for my labels. My Mother-In-Law has added a lot of hers to my collection recently giving me many more to work with, but I have my favorites. 🙂

I pretty much have scissors wherever I use them: by my sewing chair for handwork, at the ironing board, cutting table, sewing machine, and in with my project of handwork that goes with me.


Karen Kay Buckley’s are the best!


I have so many scissors that I really lost count.

Although I have about 10 scissors I use 2 most frequently; Betty Busby scissors.


I LOVE scissors!

Jane Von Letkemann

Please let us see the survey results.


Wish I had more.

scissors are tools that have multiple uses. different brands are used for different things –ginghers for clothing, household sewing, buckley for quilt making, fiskars for paper crafts etc. i have many scissors including vintage ones from estate auctions while living in the east. scissors are a tool & i love tools!


There is just something satisfying about a nice sharp pair of scissors. My favorites have maroon handles and were made by Coats and Clark. They are a nice small size for trimming etc but are no longer made. I have scissors in every size and shape. I find them as hard to resist as cotton fabric !!

Mary Montgomery

Use them most days, no time for more got to sew.


Not sure— just a guess.

Linda Baker

No one is allowed to use my scissors. If I catch anyone, they have to pay to have them sharpened.

Pamela Dorman

I had quite a lot till I got 3 of Karen K Buckley designed scissors (3 different sizes] and they are wonderful, so I gave all the others away to anyone wo wanted them.

Teresa Findlay

I like to keep my scissors sharp as they work a whole lot better

Linda Clark

Most of my scissors are “memorable “, applique , small ones autoclaved and saved for me from o r nurses, etc. , 2 pr of Gingers I was given when I worked at a fabric store. I wouldn’t get rid of any of them.

Carolyn Slack

A scissor for every task!


I have scissors for every use. My advice to those of you that don’t want others using your fabric scissors for other uses. Buy or get a pair of scissors free every time you or your husband goes to Harbor Freight. Put them in EVERY room so it’s inconvenient to go to your sewing room. Problem solved.