ncl_jewel cruise shipAQS Executive Show Director, Bonnie Browning, also known as “The Quilting Tangler,” is on a cruise this week in Alaska—she’s teaching Zentangle for Quilting. The cruisers will be creating beautiful images from drawing repetitive patterns, one line at a time. They’ll convert the drawings to quilting patterns—and sewing machines will be on board, so they’ll be able to machine quilt the designs. We look forward to hearing about Bonnie’s cruise when she returns!

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? So I was wondering…

MountainSceneWhat vacation getaway sounds like a great place to quilt or is a fabric-related location to enjoy either with a group or as an individual? Jinny Beyer has made trips to India to explore fabrics and color with quilting friends. In New York, the Quilting by the Lake folks have a wonderful time—by the lake! Have you seen the info about the Holly Girls’ (Pat Holly and Sue Nickels) Quilt Retreat in Michigan? Swoon! They’re following Gwen Marston’s tradition at White Birch Lodge. Linda Hahn has fun quilting at the beach and Kimberly Einmo has instructed on many cruises. I’d love a mountain retreat with three or four quilting friends…for a week…or more! Ok, really, that beach thing sounds pretty good, too, and I wouldn’t have brought up the whole cruise idea if I hadn’t wished for it…

Have YOU been on a quilting cruise or other quilting vacation? If so, would you tell us about it? So we can live vicariously through you, of course.

What type of quilting would you want to do on a quilting vacation – and what percentage of time would you want to be in class? For instance, would you take a cruise because of the class, or would you rather enjoy the cruise experience primarily and take the class as an additional opportunity?

Looking for a quilting cruise? It’s as simple as entering an online search for “Quilt Cruise.” Please let us know if you have favorites – or upcoming plans!

Wherever you are headed this summer, will you be taking your quilting along? Packing it light, like I do, with English paper piecing in the car or plane, or hauling your supplies in boxes to set up when you get there?

Summer…it’s all about quilting and vacations! We look forward to hearing from you in comments below! Name dropping is welcome and I received no compensation from those mentioned here—just found them along the way!

(And don’t forget about AQS QuiltWeek® 2014 events coming up in Charlotte, North Carolina; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Des Moines, Iowa—each of those will be great quilting vacation destinations! Click HERE for more information.)


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Paula Martin

I have attended Quilting Adventures at T Bar M Ranch in the beautiful Hill Country of Central Texas several times. They have a week of all day instruction with the instructor of your choice, always a well known quilting star, plus wonderful meals and evening entertainment. Every class I have taken has been exceptional but I think the one I did not take was the one I would have enjoyed the most. That was a class on hand appliqué. The students didn’t need to bring their sewing machine and all the associated gear they just seemed to be sitting peacefully… Read more »

Paula Martin

I left out one big factor to the success of Quilting Adventures, the famous quilt store Creations of Kerrville, TX set up their shop on site for the students. It was amazing.


Heading to the Panama Canal this September and will share once I return, but for those of you that have cruised and quilted before what do you recommend? Perhaps better said…what did you do that you’re glad you did, wished you didn’t or should have. Not so much cruise related but quilt related….i’ve cruised before so that’s not new

Irene Sherwood

I have been to several local Quilt retreats. They were awesome. Just being with like minded people and being able to sew , shop and eat wonderful food is a vacation. I’m torn about the Quilt Cruise idea, when I am away I want to sew and wonder when I would enjoy the other aspects of cruising if I was sewing. A Quilt Retreat by the water would be my first choice.