Rundy – Rugged Centerfold in The Quilt Life Magazine


Meet Rundy

He’s ruggedly good-looking and seems to be peering into your soul through the masterful fabric painting and quilting of Marilyn Belford. Created as a portrait of her neighbor, both the quilt and the man are a joy to admire.

This masterful creation was a perfect fit for the centerfold in the June 2013 issue of The Quilt Life magazine. Since this issue is united by the theme “faces,” this work gave us a wonderful opportunity to highlight portrait quilts in greater detail.

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Our Challenge with Rundy as Centerfold

Where should we take a style shot?

We set our sights on the Clear Creek History Park in Golden, Colorado, just a few miles west of Denver. Here, visitors can find buildings from the late 1800s which have been moved, rebuilt, and preserved at this charming spot on the banks of Clear Creek. There’s a cabin, a schoolhouse, a blacksmith’s shop, and even some heirloom breed chickens. We knew RUNDY would feel right at home.

Fortune Smiled On Us!

TQL’s photography team, Gregory Case and Elena Morera, were coming to the Denver area for Thanksgiving. They agreed to meet us at the park the day before the holiday. It’s not often circumstances put everyone and everything in the right place.

We always hold our breath, planning an outdoor photo shoot that time of year—even if it doesn’t snow, it can be bitter cold, and there’s always wind to worry about. But we were in luck. The weather was glorious, and the spot turned out beautifully!

Enjoy this picture of Gregory setting up the shot…


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