Ruler Survey Results



First, thank you to the 900 of you who shared your love of rulers with us! It is so fun learning about your likes, dislikes, and out right passion over rulers.

Let’s get to the results…


94% of you have more than FIVE rulers. Clearly quilting is a measuring intense sport – and rulers RULE!

  • Comments ranged from “TOO MANY!” to “Never have enough.” We quickly got the point.
  • One dear quilter told us she has 67+ rulers. My questions were 1) Did she go count just for the survey? 2)How did she find them all so fast?


97% reside on Team Rectangle while 95% of you are on Team Square. This means everyone is on TEAM RULER! 

  • 7 in 10 quilters own Triangle or Specialty Rulers.
  • 4 in 10 quilters own Template Rulers.


One Ruler to Rule them ALL! Meet the ever handy 6″ x 24″ rectangle. Many of you sang the praises of this old faithful. A common presence in a sea of fabric. 

  • One respondent, when asked to name her favorite ruler just laughed…and laughed…and laughed.
  • While many of you named your trusty friend by first, middle, and last name, the runner up was summed up in one word, ALL.


Everywhere. What’s the question? You guessed it, where do we store those mountains of rulers? Interestingly, everywhere was the popular comment. 

  • 45% use those handy grooved trays
  • 37% hang them
  • 24% keep their rulers in a drawer
  • Other places mentioned include, but are not limited to, the ever popular desk file holder, dish drying racks, leaning against the leg of the cutting table, and my personal favorite, “Wherever I used them last.”


What are the most common challenges quilters face with rulers? Survey says…

  1. Slipping and sliding
  2. Too hard to see
  3. Too confusing
  4. Lefty quilters like rulers too – but the rulers don’t always like them
  5. Marks wear off
  6. Storage
  7. THE 1/2″


When you wish upon a star, what are you ruler lovers really wishing for? NON-SLIP!!! We might need to repeat that, you were so clear in your point. Please, oh please, for the love of Pete, stop those rulers from scooting, jumping, sliding, slithering, crawling, and most certainly slipping!

Other requests include…

  • Chip resistant
  • Left hand friendly
  • Self-storing
  • but the winner goes to ALL-IN-ONE! While admitting it would be impossible to read or use, we’d still like one please.


Most beloved ruler superhero? THE GRIPPER Always willing to square up to a challenge and fight to sever the selvage edge, these helpers come to the aid of quilters everywhere.

  • 28% love The Gripper…grabs that fabric and won’t let go. Anything and everything that helps a ruler stay put.
  • 20% love Tattling Tape…marking the ruler so you always know where you are and what’s going on.
  • 20% don’t like superheros and voted for NOTHING…they prefer the quiet life.
  • 6% love Guessless Guide…takes the guesswork out of what you are doing, tells it like it is.
  • 5% love The Handle(r)…with suction grip, it sticks to the ruler and turns it into a fantastic shield or helps you cut fabric…you choose.
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Been there, and done all that!!!


What is “The Gripper”and where do I buy it??


This is for “LuAnn” regarding “The Gripper”. You can purchase from quilt stores or Amazon, etc. The girls who I quilt with have found using “Duck Brand Select Easy Shelf Liner works just as well, We just cut 2” squares or circles and place under ruler to keep ruler from slipping. Plus it’s cheaper.


Rulers are actually made to slide! When you make a cut put your “pinky” finger on the edge of the ruler then spread the rest of your finger out and press your hand flat to the ruler!! That ruler is going nowhere!!! Make your cut and your ready to slide your ruler for the next cut!!!