Are you making vacation plans? How about a road trip? Yours will likely be a little shorter than the trip Laurie Gibb took (“Journey 65” in the April issue of TQL).
If you’ve read the story, you know that Laurie celebrated her 65th birthday by taking off for a whole year on a solo adventure in a camper van she calls Turtle. Apart from arranging three artist-in-residencies in different corners of the country, her trip was minimally planned. Laurie said she knew that every night she would end up “someplace.” It was that go-with-the-flow mindset that resulted in her best memories and the most interesting artwork.

When Laurie got home, she was able to justify keeping her now-beloved Turtle by turning it into an art installation. We couldn’t fit all of her Turtle pictures into the magazine, but the front and back views are too good not to share.
The story of Journey 65 is described on the front quilted panel. It includes a poem about the journey and a list of the states and mid-to-large-size cities Laurie visited. The driver’s side front fender has a listing of the major art museums and art centers visited on trip. The passenger side front fender lists the national parks and monuments Laurie visited. The title of the quilt on the back of Turtle is Trusting the Unknown.
Laurie’s is an inspiring story on so many levels. I hope you enjoy it…Jan Magee, The Quilt Life

Turtle art from the front, by Laurie Gibb



Turtle the van front (top) and back (above) by Laurie Gibb

Van photos by John Bonath

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