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It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to Nancy Zieman. Many of us remember her from her long-running show, Sewing With Nancy.

Nancy touched so many of our lives, we’d like to take a minute to share our stories with one another.

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First heard of Nancy in 1989 from my sewing teacher in High School. Through the future years I would excitedly watch her sewing show on PBS every Sunday. She taught me to not fear making mistakes as I learned and honed my craft. I was always amazed at how her ideas of turning to everyday things we used into beautiful works of functional art. That is how I have always looked at sewing as an art form of expressing our unique creativity. After years of sewing and creating things for family and friends, I decided to pursue my passion for sewing in teaching our younger generation in the joys it can bring. During my lessons, Nancy’s show was always running in the back ground on the T.V. in my sewing room. If there is one way I could describe her importance and contributions to the past generations to my students I would call her ‘ The Rock Star of Sewing’. Rest in Peace Nancy, you will not be forgotten.   -Kadrina Fegert

Like many others, I watched Sewing With Nancy on PBS and learned garment construction techniques that enriched my life. I even made a makeshift antenna in an upstairs closet so I could get the PBS station from a neighboring state to watch additional SWN shows. She taught us well!

I have no story about her, but about her life-size cutout. One LQS had this out, and as I was walking around, it startled me because I thought I had run into a real person. I grieve Nancy’s death. I know she has affected our art in many positive ways.

Nancy was always professional and had a common sense approach to sewing. She also helped to broaden our horizons by introducing technologies and tools as well as those engaged in charitable activities that those who sew could participate in.

I had the great luck to see her at a lecture at a sewing conference 20 years ago. Before the lecture began, people were asking if they could get a quick photo of her (Nancy). She said no…. but they could have a picture WITH her. And then she graciously and patiently had her picture taken with as many people as wanted to. I’ll never forget that.

I met Nancy when she was in Pa on a speaking tour. She was a very talented and caring person. Every chance I got I watched her show on tv. I will miss her. Nancy Vendetti from Pa.

I’am from Suriname and I’ve always enjoyed her Sewing with Nancy Series.

I was so very fortunate one year my husband gave me and my good friend a trip to the three day extravaganza sale in Madison! What an experience to actually meet and talk to Nancy while waiting in a cashier line. She was so happy so bubbly and yes, passing out chocolate! What a genuinely humble lady with such insight to all levels of sewing. You will surely be missed, your legacy will last forever! Pat Guerin, chardon, ohio

In 1993 I was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. While I was undergoing cancer treatment my energy level was quite low so I watched a lot of TV. Sewing with Nancy became one of my favorite shows. It helped me forget about what I was going through. When my treatment ended and I returned to work I still would put on Sewing with Nancy on Sat. afternoons. When Nancy wrote a book on her favorite hints, she asked viewers to write and tell her their own favorite hints. I took the opportunity to thank her for helping me get through those dark days. I was very saddened to learn that she had been waging her own cancer battle and that she would ultimate lose it. My condolences to her family and friends. I am so glad to have had a chance to “know” her through her TV shows. Diane Paul

Her shows on PBS were an inspiration to my sewing and quilting. I learned many shortcuts and received many new ideas from her.

I don’t remember anymore how I first heard about Nancy: it is so long ago, but I do remember how much I always loved her catalogs, full of notions and gadgets that I couldn’t buy in Europe! The arrival of a package from Nancy’s Notions was always a bit of an event, and my sewing studio is full of her stuff! I loved her books and dvds too. She was such a good teacher and made sewing accessible and fun, with an eye to quality. Her autobiography is a great read, very inspirational. I will miss her, but her legacy is huge, and something her family can be truly proud of.

I used to watch Sewing With Nancy every afternoon. She renewed my interest in sewing after a lapse. Maryann S. Ditmyer.

We were the same age and after watching her on PBS for so many years, it feels like I have lost a dear friend. Altho they would be hard shoes to fill, I hope that the next generations of sewers have the opportunity to learn the basics and the tricks from someone as well qualified and respected as Nancy Zieman. May she rest in peace. Sue J

The first book on sewing was her Sewing With Nancy, and I have followed her since the early eighties. I especially enjoyed her Nancy’s Corner and learning of all the ways people shared of themselves with sewing.

It takes a great person to teach so many the skills to be creative. One memory that I have is that Nancy Zieman did it all, not just sewing but quilting and embroidery. There are so many things that sew that remind me of her willingness to share.

I met her when I lived near the capital and she taught a class at G Street Fabric in Maryland. She was a wonderful person, a talented and kind lady. She will be missed. I am so sorry for this loss.Their are many of us who are grateful for her contributions. It was over thirty years since I met. I will never forget her. She contributed so much. I am really saddened by the loss. But I will remember her always. Thinking of her family. Rona Subotnik

I was so sorry to hear about the loss of Nancy. I have watched many of her shows. I own a lot of her books and have passed on my love of sewing to my daughters. I will be able to talk about her wonderful 5, 10 , 15 concept. Always helpful in a busy life.

I have been a huge fan of Nancy since the 70’s. I had a lovely daughter who also developed bell’s palsy, but thought her life was over. Having seen Nancy over come this disability & become a well known TV personality, was an inspiration for her. My daughter has gone on to be a pastor and in the public eye also…but unlike Nancy her disability receded and was relatively short lived. I still watch Nancy and admire all she has accomplished in this life…I wish I had one-half of her abilities and talent. Debbie F. Ontario

I’ve enjoyed and looked forward to going through “Nancy’s Notions” and watching her shows on TV. She seemed such a pleasant person and enjoyed sharing her knowledge. She will be missed!

I watched Nancy for years on PBS. I learned much and was so inspired to try many different techniques. My heart was saddened to hear of her passing – the quilting/sewing world will be forever changed.

What will we do without this lovely lady who taught us the joy and art of sewing? I am deeply saddened that this beautiful life has been cut short. She was so humble when personally meeting her and celebrated the joy you found in what she had taught. She was truly a gift from God and will be greatly missed. Becky S.

I watched Sewing with Nancy all the time and always enjoyed her hints and way of doing so many things. I met her on two occasions and had my picture taken with her. She was a very gracious lady and will be missed by all who watched her shows and was privileged to meet her. Her family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks Nancy for all your work all these years.

I am from Texas, and when I visited Nancy’s Notions in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, Nancy wasn’t there at the time. The staff would not let me leave without a photo of me and “cardboard” Nancy! The photo is so good that only i know my photo, which hangs proudly in my sewing room, is not with the real Nancy!! Anyway, her thoughtfulness was amazing and appreciated! I will miss her, and probably never forget her and how she positively affected so many lives, including mine!

Setting my alarm clock so I could watch her on Sat. morning. I learn so many helpful things from her. God bless her family at this time. Doris

I’ve watched Sewing with Nancy since 1982. I also had an opportunity to meet her at one of her seminars in Phoenix. She has been such an inspiration to so many women. I have learned so much from her over the years. She will be greatly missed. Kathy Hamilton

I watch Nancy on PBS for years. Everything that was done on the show was understood fully. And if I attempted one of the crafts I was always able to complete it. I loved her sewing projects. I will miss her.

I made a point to watch every Saturday morning. I thank her for all that I learned.

My sister and I will miss her greatly. Truely a woman who has given us so much by being Nancy.

I would watch her programs on a little B&W TV, hoping for inspiration to go back and finish that sewing project I had started……. I hope they will rerun her series over & over again !

First of all, my deepest sympathies to Nancy’s family. While I never met Nancy personally, I felt a connection to the sewing community through her. I have adopted many of her methods, techniques, and tools in my own sewing. She made it OK to take the new and simplified route to wonderfully finished projects weather it is mending, new garment construction, or my favorite quilting. I just am so very sad that she is gone.

Nancy made learning how to Quilt easy for me. Her programs were well thought out and gave simple step by step information. She was a true lady.

RIP Nancy, What great lose to the creative world of sewing. Prayers for your Family.

I only saw Nancy Zieman on TV but having watched for so many years I felt a personal connection. I learned many sewing and quilting techniques from her show. She will be missed by many, many people.

I have recorded Nancy’s program since in the ’80s, and have several on VHF tapes and recently DVD. I think the most memorable (and funniest) one was where she was “making lunch” and cut vegetables with a rotary cutter and scissors. It was hilarious! I have always felt like I knew her personally through the videos and learned many helpful things with my sewing and quilting. I will miss her greatly; however, I look forward to seeing her again someday through our faith in Jesus! Ruth Bledsoe in Tennessee.

After watching and taping “Sewing with Nancy” shows for years in 2017 I finally decided I was going to Quilt Expo in Madison to see the show and meet Nancy Zieman. I took one last look at my computer as I was shutting it down and walking out the door and saw the news that she had received word of additional cancer and would be leaving the show and related activities immediately. I had the RV all packed and made decision to go to Madison anyway. Even though she was not there, her personal touch was. I am sure the Expo is such a success and great place to see great quilts is due to Nancy’s creative ways and dedication to making all she did the best for those participating and attending. Her goal to make every sewer an expert and comfortable with their own work came across in every show. To have missed being able to meet her in person does leave an empty place in my quilting life but knowing her via TV gave my sewing world new meaning. What a woman.

I sure in joy watching her on PBS ln Nashville Tn. Made. A lot of her thing and ordered many of from the the catalog.Nancy l will never forget. What a beautiful lady she was. Rest In Peace. Joyce Walraven Nashville Tn.

Watching her show was such a joy! She explained everything so well. You wanted to make what ever she was showing right away. We love you and will miss you.

In 2015 I had the opportunity to go to the Wisconsin “show. I stole my staff I was going to meet Nancy Zieman, just being my usual smart mouth. On the second day of attending the show Nancy was standing about 10 feet away fromtt me and my friend and my friend said aren’t you going to go over and say something to her? I said no because she’s getting ready for her day and I didn’t want to interrupt her. Well when she got done getting her day organized she turned around came over and said hello my name is Nancy Zieman and are you having a good time? My heart stopped. I told her that we were having a wonderful time. I told her that the best thing she ever did for me was on television she made a mistake and I told her if Nancy’s Zieman can make a mistake I can make a mistake. My friend and I went to listen to Nancy’s lecture. She was giving a great talk and in the middle of a lecture she tells everybody about meeting me in the hallway. She said you see those fancy quilts hanging out there to be judged she says you’ll never find a Nancy Zieman quilt “hanging to be judge. She said I told the lady in the hall and I’m telling you the Nancy Zieman makes usable quilts not judge able quilts. She was just a fantastic lady and she is still my hero as she was and is a great role model and teacher.

I will greatly miss Nancy. I couldn’t wait for “Sewing with Nancy”. I especially like the second half of the show where she talked to great sewists. As the grandmother of a handicapped granddaughter who wants to sew with only one arm, I was very interested in the program she did with the girl who made beautiful quilts with just one arm. I really miss Nancy and think about her often. She was the bright spot of my weekend.

I found it very hard today to watch “Sewing with Nancy”. It was the final episode for this season and she was sewing with her granddaughters. She will be missed; even though I had no personal connection to her other than through sewing.

I first met Nancy in Sharonville, OH at a quilt show and heard her speak. That day I bought her book that she autographed. What a beautiful lady. If you haven’t read Seams Unlikely you really should. Her story gives you real insight into the person she was. Inspiring. Rest in peace in Gods loving arms Nancy. You’ll be missed.

The first time I went to Paducah for the quilt show I was so overwhelmed from all the quilts and booths. As I was wondering around on the second floor looking at all the amazing quilts I literally ran into Nancy Zieman and almost knocked her down. I started to say “Oh U’m so sorry ” and looked up and realized who it was and said “Oh it’s you” . She smiled and said “Oh that’s OK” She probably thought I was a babbling idiot (which I was) . She was so nice. and I was so embarrassed and excited to “meet” her.

I have watched Nancy’s sewing programs for years both making clothes and quilting programs. She was a great teacher. I also have a book or two that she wrote.

She was my first sewing experience that I watched on PBS. I taped a lot of her shows and I think I still have a few VCR tapes with her on them. We will miss her!

No matter when I tuned into Sewing With Nancy on PBS I always learned something from this polite, gracious lady. Nancy’s Notions catalog is a favorite of mine, and Nancy will be remembered forever in my sewing corner. Thank you Nancy for you contributions to the sewing arts! RIP, from Betty in Wyoming

I have been watching Sewing with Nancy on Saturday mornings for about 2 years. I enjoy her instructions as well as the guests on her show. She had an ability to make you feel like you could sew and make something beautiful! She was a beautiful person and my thoughts and prayers are with her family. I loved the description on facebook that hers was a ” life well lived.”

Watching Sewing With Nancy inspired me to try quilt designs I never dreamed I could make. I also loved the way she would make it a point to mention her sewing staff and their contributions to her show.

Went to a luncheon with Nancy during a quilt show. That year she shared her landscape quilt with us. I did get to speak with her and get her autograph. Always a gracious woman and never enough words for the sewing and quilting world to express how much we appreciated her sharing her talent.

Went to a luncheon with Nancy during a quilt show. That year she shared her landscape quilt with us. I did get to speak with her and get her autograph. Always a gracious woman and never enough words for the sewing and quilting world to express how much we appreciated her sharing her talent.

I have been watching Nancy for many years and have a great many of her books. I have learned so much from her and will continue to watch her programs for many years to come. Bless her and her talent for teaching. She has reached so many people through the years.

I have enjoyed “sewing with Nancy” through the years. I have learned a lot from her and hope to be able to keep learning form her. She always looked so elegant it made me want to follow her examples so that my projects might look as good as hers. It has saddened me to learn of her passing, but am glad her battle is won. Thank you so much for being our FRIEND. You will be missed. Carol Tyler

I watched Nancy on IPTV as often as I could. Her calm manner and excellent teaching led me to try many new things which became “go to’s” in my creations. Her catalog was my first “online” shopping source before the internet. She was a class act on tv and in person. I will always miss my tv time with her.

I loved her because she was so down to earth, and she had such great sewing techniques and she also got into quilting in a big way as well. She started me on my journey at least 3-1/2 decades ago, and I am deeply saddened she is gone. RIP Nancy, we shall miss you.

So very sorry to hear of her passing. I have watched and still watching her series “Sewing with Nancy”. She has been a great influence to me with just learning to quilt at the time. Her series has helped me along the way. I have two of her quilting books and enjoy them still after all these years. She will be missed.

I watched her shows on PBS for years. I also ordered things from her Nancy’s Notions site. I never met her in person but I feel like I knew her. She will be missed. Rosemary Gardner, Clarkston, MI

She made sewing cool again. I will miss her.

Seeing her most Saturdays on TV. I DVR every episode and learn so much. I’ll miss her. She was a champion filming right up to the end.

I used to tape her shows for all of her great tips. RIP

I am so sad to hear of Nancy’s passing. I enjoyed her shows and books for many years. She will be missed.

I have learned so many wonderful, helpful techniques from watching her program and using her instruction books. What a blessing she has been to all of us who love to sew and share our gifts with others. Lord, be with her family at this time of sadness and loss.

In 2000 I broke my back, so was in recovery so watched Nancy Zieman on TV. I loved what I learned from her and it gave me confidence to sew again. I spent 10 months with her every day she was on, from clothing, repairs, quilting, and most of all learned to alter some of my cloths to fit me. Thank you For the great teachings and wonderful embroidery programs I bought to embellish items. Great gifts were made for others for birthdays, holiday gifts and just because I wanted something to give someone. God Bless Nancy for putting her self out there for all these years. Her gift is provided thousands of sewers to carry on her gifts of sewing. Thank you Nancy Zieman for all you did for me. Healing spirit was the best gift you gave me. Karen

I’m missing her and loved her sewing, her education, her women world ideas and crafts, and quilting. So many ideas she gave us, clearer and great! Your grace got over and past the obstacles and problems in sewing. I️ lived all sewing and you

Nancy was that friend we welcomed into our home each week. As a teacher she was always encouraging as she inspired us to do more, try more, learn from the mistakes and bless others in the process. She will be missed.

Nancy became a friend. Her way of showing how to do her craft of sewing, quilting was charming, yes and disarming as well because even when she had plan her techniques ahead of time, there were those times, she would say, ops I mean this or that. Then it hit you, she is REAL, she is one of us who loves what we do and yes sometimes ops is our bi-word. I have gotten her books, CD and watch her PBS for years has so many others who have became friends with her as well. It would be to her credit if someone would carry on and not let her caring to help others learn this art of sewing go away. Just a thought.

I have watched Sewing With Nancy for many years. Enjoy her many tips and techniques. I have several of her books, which I continue to use. She was a very talented lady.

I remember watching Nancy when my children were small. I enjoyed how she showed to make things easier and quicker while making the garments look better. I still use these tips today sewing from my grandchildren. I want to than the family for sharing her with all of us.

I watched her shows so much I feel like I have lost a friend. I regret I never got to meet her. Her generous sharing of her talent is her legacy. She enriched all of us. -Joyce Ward

I started sewing and quilting about 3 years ago. I have been watching Sewing with Nancy ever since then. She has inspired me and to believe in myself that I have been doing a great job in quilting and can do anything. I am sorry sorry that this happen to a wonderful woman. I still watch the program and purchase items from Nancy’s Notions. I will always remember you.

What a great teacher and what a wonderful TV show she produced. She will be missed by so many people and her family. She will live on forever in the lives of many.

I still use her method of connecting my binding with a small amount of fusable. I think of her every time I bind a quilt which is about once a week or more. I miss her smile and great personality.

I only started sewing two yrs ago, but I have several of her shows saved on my dvr to watch again and again. I have learned so much from her that I can’t begin to mention all of the the wonderful short cuts and techniques she taught me. I loved watching her explain what I thought were way beyond my talents that she broke down and made it sound simple. She will be sorely missed by thousands. Rest in peace are one in a million. Jan Elm

Nancy made me realize that I could sew for a living! With her help, I put a kid through Stanford & Harvard Law sewing & doing alterations. Thanks Nancy!

Every Sunday regardless of where I was I watched Nancy. If not, I recorded her show. She was a great inspiration and I learned so much from her. I know she is now am angel and she has such a wonderful impact on so many lives. God rest her soul and Rest In Peace Nancy, you will be greatly missed. P Hostetler

enjoyed watching her shows she was a very good teacher in the sewing world..

it’s with sadness that I sit here having learned of Nancy Zieman’s passing on. I have watched her sewing programs since the days when she broadcast from the living room of her home. I was always inspired to try something new or a new way of doing things that I had not tried before. I was always inspired by the things she showed that I had not even thought of doing or knew how to do. I feel bad that she has passed on, she felt like a dear friend and I had always hoped I would have the money to go and see her in person. I have for many years hoped to get DVD’s of her past programs, years and decades past, but I have not been able to find them. Nancy, I miss you. May you be blessed in heaven, in Jesus’ name Amen! Your friend Susan

I’ve been sewing since I was 15 years old (over 55 years) but it was Nancy Zieman who shared her many tips and tricks of sewing that allowed me to perfect my sewing techniques including quilting. Sew on our dear Nancy…you will always be in our hearts…Liz from Ontario, Canada

I have been a customer of Nancy’s Notions for many years and a viewer of her Sewing with Nancy. I am very sad of her passing and feel like I have lost a true friend and family member. Janie from Ono, Pa

I had been sewing for a long time and all of a sudden I find a program on PBS that talked about sewing. This was a new thing for me even though Nancy had been TV for years. I can’t remember when I found her but she was a refreshing breeze. She taught me those particular techniques that made sewing easier. I could relate to her because she taught with no superiority. I will miss her with all my heart. I felt like I knew her. I wish the family peace and to know she will be forever.

Nancy introduced me to quilting when I bought her first Lap Quilting book. Have made many quilts since that time and thank Nancy for her lessons, inspiration, and dedication to sewing. Thank You Nancy. May you Rest In Peace. JoAnn

Sadly I never met her in person, but I’ve always thought of her as belonging to my sewing circle of friends. So many favorite shows are copied to my VCR. Rest in peace, dear lady.

Nancy came into my home by television every Saturday morning for years. Watching and listening to her was like having a friend teaching me new sewing tricks, quilting and machine embroidery. She taught me through books she wrote and DVD’s she made. I have several of her TV shows recorded but I’m not able to watch them because the tears in my eyes make it impossible for me to see. It will be awhile before I will be able to watch again without crying. Even though I never knew her personally it feels like I’ve lost a dear friend. I pray her shows will continue to be available on PBS for years to come so that she can continue to teach.

I read everything she put in writing and have her books and cds ,she has been a great light in my sewing life ,I very sorry for her family ,and all of us friends who well miss her greatly .

There are no words to describe the shock of learning of Ms. Zieman’s passing. I’ve been watching her sewing show on Sat. mornings for the last 24 years, and was always inspired to keep up with this craft believing if “Nancy can do it, so can !” When PBS would have their special marathon programming to raise funds & “Sewing With Nancy” was given a 2 1/2 hour slot, I felt I had won the jackpot! I send my heart felt sympathies to her family and friends that are dealing with her loss.

Nancy inspired my mom for many years with her garment sewing. If my mom hadn’t told me about Sewing With Nancy I might have missed watching many of her quilting shows. Her talent was amazing and I will always treasure the books she promoted. She will be missed forever.

I’ve followed Nancy since the early 80’s when I first started quilting. I have her earlier books which I treasure. I will miss her so much. She’s always been a big part of our quilting journey.

Most of what I know about sewing I learned watching Nancy Zieman. She inspired me to grow in my craft . A great lady.

OMG , thank you for this notification I hadn’t heard the news. Like many others I learned so much from her TV show and her book. I felt like I knew her even though I had never met her. A terrible loss.

I actually felt my heart sick when I read that she had died. I learned many sewing tricks from her. She will be missed. My deepest felt condolences to her family.


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Joan D.

A serious, chronic illness hit me very suddenly in 1999 and my body changed dramatically due to the medications I had to take. Finding I suddenly had no income I took up sewing to make new clothes I needed. I found fabric and used patterns at a thrift store and started to sew. I soon found patterns left out key instructions so I went looking for answers. I found Sewing With Nancy on PBS and recorded every episode of her creative and well described techniques. She was my life saver. I hadn’t seen anything for many years and didn’t really… Read more »

Judith Gustin

I took sewing all thru my high school years. Have sewn suits and coats for girls and myself. But hadn’t a clue of quilting. Thanks to Nancy I learned so much. I too have crooked face from Bells Palsey and so she inspired me to quit being self conscious and go for it. Thank you Nancy!!

Wanda Kelso-Smith

Ive always loved her shows! That was my go to learning to sew show. A beautiful person you will be missed Nancy . Thank you for teaching all of us how to sew and create. God bless you and your family.

Collette N. Batten

Nancy had a way about her that gave her program an intimate feeling about it. For years we kept watching our friend help us and inspire us to do better. Not because she was perfect. I remember hearing for the first time and many times after, oops she would say I mean to do it this way. Or it will be easier for you not being on TV to do this or that. Right then, she was your friend. She was a person to whom you could allow into your sewing room with her books, CDs. I wanted the sewing… Read more »

Karen Y Hogan

I was recovering from breaking my lower back and was in chair most of recovery (back surgery finally happened 10 month later and I continued to watch Nancy Zieman on the channel that was set by my husband in morning. I watched construction work, other learning programs in helping self. The program I really enjoyed and it helped me recover in better mood than there other channel programs. Nancy taught me to repair items, alter item and make easy work of new projects. I learned embroidery accents to items, quilting, table runners, gifts of great quality even though small. All… Read more »

Norrine Buchholz

I “met” Nancy the first time I went to the Paducah quilt show. I was so overwhelmed with the quilts and was wondering around on the second floor where the quilts were and literally bumped into Nancy and almost knocked her down. I started to say “Oh I’m so sorry” and looked up and realized who she was and said “I know you it’s you”. She smiled and said “Oh that’s OK” .She probably thought I was a babbling idiot (which I was). I was so embarrassed and excited at the same time. For the rest of the trip I… Read more »


I feel I have lost a real friend here! Besides watching Nancy for many years, and having every sewing book of hers, I was actually blessed enough to meet her in person at the Lakeland, Florida Sewing Expo a couple of years ago. I signed up to be in every lecture and trunk show she did, bought her book called Seams Unlikely, which she graciously autographed, AND had my picture taken with her two days in a row. Unbelievable to me, on the second day, Nancy said, “Oh, I remember you from yesterday. You had on such a pretty pink… Read more »


I’ve watched Sewing With Nancy for many years. What sticks out in my mind was when I was at my first quilt festival, IQFHouston in 2003. She had a booth there and was handing out little hand made needle cases. I still have mine. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family. She was loved by many.


I just found Nancy on PBS this year and record all the shows. I hope PBS will continue to run past episodes so we can continue to learn from this amazing woman and future generations can be aware of her talent and grace.

Anna Washington

Rest in peace you are one of the best in the sewing fields you will be miss

Kit Ritter

Nancy. You have earned your angel wings! May you get to sew with spun gold and other heavenly things! Your health struggles are behind you now. All that you gave to the sewing and quilting community I Thank You so much!


She was my inspiration, many times I would think if giving up on sewing. Nancy has always made sewing look easy, she was honest and ended her shows, bye for now. Making me wait for her next visit on Sewing with Nancy. I will always remember her. I did get to me her and take pictures with her.