QuiltWeek Q&A: Can I enter a quilt in more than one QuiltWeek?



AQS Show Coordinator Andrea Ray has the answer!

Quilts can be entered in multiple AQS QuiltWeek Contests.

AND you can enter in multiple categories! There is a limit of one quilt entry per category; two quilts cannot be entered in the same category. For example, you may enter one quilt in category 1 and another in category 4, but you cannot enter both quilts into category 4.

Here’s a rule that’s NEW for 2014! A quilt that wins a cash award is now eligible to enter any other AQS contest for the next twelve months. For example, if your quilt wins a cash award in Lancaster, you may enter it in any other AQS contest for one year. However, it would not be eligible to enter the next Lancaster show.

Click HERE to find out more about the AQS Quilt Contest Rules.

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