Quilts to the Rescue…and quilters too!


Winter is just around the corner and it’s time to think of our fury friends out in the cold. Here are a few organizations that help out animals.



Remember Quilts to the Rescue? Visit our previous post here.

They help out elderly and hard to place animals by donating quilts to shelters so they can auction them for money. Have questions? You can reach out to this group to donate your quilts on their facebook page and website.







tqpm-small-kennelTQPM Small Kennel Quilt Team (TQPM stands for “The Quilt Pattern Magazine”) makes quilts for kennels. Over 1,000 Kennel Quilts have been donated to shelters in need when disasters have struck. Intested in getting involed? You can reach this group on their facebook page or get more information on their website.









snuggles-imageThe Snuggles project is a large organization that reaches out with homemade donations. The Snuggles Project is a very popular program of Hugs for Homeless Animals. People from all around the world make Snuggles and donate them to their local animal shelters and rescues. Since its inception we have provided more than a million Snuggles to shelter animals around the world. And that number continues to grow. Would you like to be a Snuggler? Visit the website to get involved with your local shelter or check them out on facebook.





What’s your favorite animal charity? Let us know in the comments!

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