Quilting Your Quilts – Survey Results


We asked about your favorite ways to quilting your quilts and you responded. Learn what quilters love about quilting their quilts.

Preferred Method of Quilting

We asked what quilting method you love to do and here’s what you said:


  • 44% prefer quilting on their home sewing machine
  • 29% love working with their machines made for quilting from short to longarm
  • 10% enjoy hand quilting the most
  • 14% like to switch it up and combine methods
  • The remaining 3% go for other options like tying, tacking, or embroidering quilts, a few even mentioned quilting by check

Preferred Method of Basting

  • According to participants, pin basting was preferred to spray basting nearly 2 to 1. Several quilters mentioned combine both methods by spraying then pinning.
  • Other methods mentioned…basting tool, tie, floating the top, tack, fusible batting, board basting method, and machine baste with water soluble thread.

Preferred Quilting Design Style

  • 40% custom quilting
  • 20% prefer an all over design
  • 10% Ditch & Quarter
  • 10% Straight Line only
  • With Panto and Heirloom getting around 5% each
  • Other favorites…tie, border & blocks, stencils, feathers, embroidery, sewing machine fancy stitches, thread painting, rulers, serpentine, ditch & meander, stipple & straight, loops, outline & echo, squiggle lines, mock ditch.

What is the average length of time you spend quilting a quilt?

Sometimes a quilt takes a few hours to quilt, and others take weeks. The quilt often times determines the quilting. So if we averaged that time per quilt out, how much quilting do we do per quilt?

  • 28% 5-10 hours
  • 25% 10-20 hours
  • 21% 20-100 hours
  • 15% 1-4 hours
  • 5% 100+ hours
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Cheryl Hoechner

If you do another survey, I would be interested to know what batting is preferred by quilters, and what size Quilts are most popular.

Paula Bell

I would also be interested in knowing what is the preferred batting. I’m new to this and appreciate all opinions and comments.

Jean K. Spero

I like Thermore for placemats and Polydown for hanging quilts. I don’t do larger quilts anymore!